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I'm sorry, what? Can you repeat that? Huh? ...?
Tuesday. 7.19.05 8:22 pm
Well i'm currently right in the middle of my freedom from the parents...of course they've called me like 5 times already...i've basically just sat on my ass doing nothing...but i've done nothing in just my underwear!

Woof Woof
The dogs usually sleep in my parents room so to keep them out of trouble i've made them sleep in my room which is kinda a pain in the ass...they both want to sleep on my bed and if i don't let them they bark and whine and do all kinds of annoying things...so i use a fourth of my bed and they get three quarters of it...i'll put Remmington on the bed and he'll jump off after an hour then want right back on so i have to get up and put him back on...he keeps doing that...Remmington also wakes me up several times so he can go outside...i let him out at 8 am and then went back to bed and he came back whining to go out again at 9 am...little punks

I need music damnit!
I was wanting to get some CD's today because its been a while since i've gotten a new CD...few weeks...but all the CD's i wanted were either overpriced or not there at all...theres no way in hell i'm paying $15 for one CD...for three CD's, yes but not for one...so i'm stuck with going through ebay...had the two CD's i really wanted been at circuit city i would have paid $13 each but they weren't there...my impatience took over me being cheap...so i'll just buy like 4 or 5 on ebay...the two CD's i wanted were from a band called In Flames

That just bugs me
So i smashed this bug against my wall like 4 days ago and i haven't scraped him off of there yet...i really hate bugs...depending on what kind it is depends on the level of fear...but i'll forget about it for a while and i'll see it from the corner of my eye and freak out for a second or two thinking "shit, theres a bug!"...already done that like three times...really should clean that up

Chips and Dip
You know what i really hate? when you're eating chips and dip and you dip the chip into the dip and it breaks...i really hate that...today i put one in and it broke 5 times...5 times!!!...by the fifth time i actually yelled at the chip "god damnit! quit that shit!"...yeah thats right...didn't break after that...showed that chip who's boss

Manana...with that squigly thing on the n
Tomorrow i need to go to the bank, then to the post office, and possibly to the college book store to find out which books i need so i can purchase them somewhere else...i may sell a bunch of crap on ebay as well...yo necessito dinero

Alright well i better get back to being lazy...talk to you people later

considering the amount of time you have on your hands, i'm quite disappointed with the length of your entry, Cole...I mean really, it only took me 2 minutes to read it all! What am I supposed to do with all MY spare time if your entry's are so short?? Anyways...lol, the chip dip thing was funny, my chips never do that, they already know who's boss, I don't need to remind them :p Just buy your dog's a crate, they'll whine and bitch and moan the first couple of night's they're in there, but when they get used to it, they like sleeping in there. I can put Cleo to bed at 11 or 12pm and get her up at 11am the next day and not here a sound from her all night. She won't make a mess in there cos it's her bed and she's learnt to hold on till the morning. Surprisingly, dog's are better at holding it in than people, your dogs wake up up to go outside every 5 minutes cos they know you will.
» KatnicityAnnToTheMax on 2005-07-19 09:37:42

» KatnicityAnnToTheMax on 2005-07-19 09:39:20

Well Katness, its not my fault Braddy isn't available to give you phone sex during your spare time...The dogs never sleep with me so i only have to deal with it another couple of days
» Kollin6618 on 2005-07-20 01:27:01

it would still be worth buying a crate for them, so ner. And please do not discuss my private life in public.
» KatnicityAnnToTheMax on 2005-07-20 07:42:57

you actually yelled at a chip
well, that was amusing. although quite short i'll agree. when i saw a new entry, i waited until i had about 15 min to read and comment. man, that was way too much time. In Flames is a pretty decent band. my roommate absolutely loves them. my puppy is the same way. and he's way too short to jump up onto most things, so it's a constant game of up and down, up and down.
» ladyeyeliner on 2005-07-20 02:02:59

lol alright i'll make my next entry longer...Kat, obvously only you and jessica comment on my entries and she's read yours so we both know how you are
» Kollin6618 on 2005-07-21 12:18:23

i never actually go into detail about....wat brad and i do, too much..so..ummm...ner?
» KatnicityAnnToTheMax on 2005-07-21 07:37:23

What? I could have sworn you two were in the guiness book of world records for gettin it on over the phone...oh well...my bad hahaha
» Kollin6618 on 2005-07-22 02:37:03

*covers cole's mouth* OMG! I can't believe you wrote that!
» KatnicityAnnToTheMax on 2005-07-22 06:42:55

I'm ready for a new, longer entry now.
» KatnicityAnnToTheMax on 2005-07-23 08:51:59

Well I'm sure you're ready but nothing new or interesting has happened in quite a while so no can do yet.
» Kollin6618 on 2005-07-24 12:14:34

Hey =)
Haha. Know what? I hate when chips break in the dip too. I think it's almost as bad as your cookie breaking off into your glass of milk. I always have to grab a spoon, just in case, to save my cookie. Hehe. Anyways, cool site you got here. Look forward to reading more of your posts. Toodles.
» juiCyy on 2005-07-24 03:50:45

the cookie thing is definitely worse. you can easily stick your fingers into the bowl or jar of dip, but milk gets messy. by the time you get the cookie out, most of the milk spilled everywhere too.
» ladyeyeliner on 2005-07-25 03:12:36

*stamps on Cole's foot*
I updated my blog just for YOU and you haven't even commented yet!
» KatnicityAnnToTheMax on 2005-07-26 12:01:42

Shut your trap katness!
» Kollin6618 on 2005-07-26 01:36:23

*Rolls eyes* whateverrrrr
» KatnicityAnnToTheMax on 2005-07-26 06:26:31

Uh huh...gettin that attitude with me...i'll have to put you in your place!
» Kollin6618 on 2005-07-26 06:24:50

I have an idea... You should update! =)
» juiCyy on 2005-07-27 12:57:34

Well that is a good idea but something new and/or interesting would have to happen for me to do that
» Kollin6618 on 2005-07-27 03:37:40

*does a lap dance for cole* There! something new and/or interesting just happened. You can update now :p
» KatnicityAnnToTheMax on 2005-07-27 06:32:53

lol aww she missed me hitting on her...i should copy that and send it to braddy
» Kollin6618 on 2005-07-27 08:52:48



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