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A New Entry
Wednesday. 7.13.05 3:55 pm
A new entry...nothing really new has happened lately but i guess i can just talk about some random stuff like i usually do

Freedom!!!! (Yes I've recently watched Braveheart)
My parents are going to Disney World for their 25th anniversary which for me means 6 days of freedom! They leave on sunday...i must say, the last two weeks have been filled with bitching from my mother...the day before yesterday we kinda got in it because she kept basically saying she didn't trust me to take care of the animals..."i dunno if we should go on this trip...leaving the animals with you"...thanks a lot mom...you know the last few times they went on trips and left me with the animals, everything turned out just fine...i'm quite tired of her insulting me like that but alrighty...aparently i'm untrustworthy, disrespectful, and generally useless...but yes, after another 4 or 5 days they will be gone and i will have the house to myself...i was thinking of taking some days off from work but i don't think so...i'll get two days off anyways and i know i'll be bored as hell if i take more off...might as well make some money while i'm bored

Money Money Money Money
Kinda going along the lines of that, my dad bought a new laptop...the old one was a major piece of shit but this kinda brings things to my attention...we NEVER used the old laptop...i mean never...the only reason why he bought a new one was to put pictures on it when they go on trips...which happens once every two years or so...so he spent $1500 just to put a couple hundred pictures on a computer...also, and i'm not trying to sound selfish or anything butttt, we can go out and spend $1500 on a computer we're rarely gonna use and when i ask for something thats maybe $15 at a store or maybe even some chips and dip, i get lectured about being on a budget and we can't afford this and that...i could go on and on about this subject...its not like i ask for much...in fact i rarely ask for anything...its just that when i do, i get bitched at and from the looks of it, i shouldn't get bitched at at all...even when its like "hey can i borrow some money and when i get paid, i'll pay you back"...i still get bitched at...give me a break here...alright i'm moving on before i get onto the subject of the car, how i'm a horrible son, etc etc

Then I've Got To Do What I've Got To Do
Lately i haven't been doing very much...sleep and work is all i do...in between there i eat, watch tv, and play Command & Conquer Generals...that game is awesome by the way...it kinda brings Red Alert and Tiberian Sun together...which i liked both a great deal but i liked Red Alert much more...Generals is a great game though...when i bought it, i didn't really play it at all because my computer sucked at the time and the laptop was a piece of shit (a free piece of shit because my dad won it but a piece of shit none the less)...so the only way i could play it was on my dads computer...but now that i have something somewhat decent, i can play it

I'm a F-F-Football Playa
Football season is fast approaching...i need to go out and get some fantasy football mags and start planning...towards the end of august my league will be doing a live fantasy football draft...so exciting!...by the way, if any of you are interested, although the great majority of my friends think football sucks, you can join my fantasy football league...just let me know

So Much To Do, So Little Time
Today i'm gonna sit on my ass and do nothing...watch a couple movies...my parents bought Hostage and Tears of the Sun yesterday...both good movies...can't go wrong with Bruce Willis, right?...i'd like to sell some crap on ebay but i dunno...i'm lazy and don't feel like doing much

I Need I Need I Need
Oh!...i need to get Madden NFL 2006 and NCAA Football 2006 when they come out...thats like a hundred bucks there but maybe i can get some money out of the parents (maybe because we can spend money on things we're never gonna use like laptops but its just so painful to give their son a few bucks here and there)...i'm a broke college student damnit! all of my money goes toward college!...anyways...if you have both games, what you can do is make yourself a player, recruit him from high school to your college team and then draft him in the nfl draft...can you believe that? isn't that awesome?...i see Kollin spending many hours playing ps2 in the very near future...i know, my life is very exciting...its depressing really

You're Gonna Die Clown!
People have been getting on my nerves lately...well i say lately but its been going on for quite a while...i can only handle so much from some people...why i spend so much time on aim and msn, i just don't know...i should put a limit on myself or something...and theres some people i really just can't stand but i'd feel bad blocking them...with some people, and this really bothers me, i'll instant message them to talk and they'll take forever to respond...like 10 minutes...how is it possible for me to play ps2, read up on football news, and keep conversations flowing but you can't respond within a couple minutes? and it happens every single time...so with these people i've just given up on messaging first...if you wanna talk to me, you can message me and if you want the conversation to keep going, then you're gonna have to put in some effort...its kinda sad though because a lot of people do this to me which leads me to believe i'm one of those people on your buddy list that you only talk to when you're REALLY REALLY bored and theres no one else on...you know, you're sitting there, kinda tired, don't really feel like doing anything, nobody's online and you look again "meh Kollin's online...he's boring, not interesting at all, but who else is on? oh alright, i guess i'll message him"...and its like when i message these people they're thinking "ugh, you're not important...hopefully if i take forever in responding he'll just take the hint"...which i do take the hint...well shit, when i think about it, theres only maybe one or two people who don't do that to me...jerks...i mean even if i don't wanna talk to you and you message me, i'll try to keep the conversation going...i'll respond in a fair amount of time

Alright well i'm done bitching...everythings either stressful or boring...blah blah blah...new entry...talk to you people later

Yay for updates!
Yeah, I feel the exact same way about aim. And that's why I almost never get on anymore. Waste of time to sit in front of my comp that long and hope someone will talk to me and it won't take 20 minutes for them to reply. And it isn't cause they are talking to other people. I've heard that excuse before, but my sister can keep up with 10 full blown conversations at the same time...and she's only 13. Kids are supposed to be untrustworthy, disrespectful, and generally useless after the age of 14. It's the rules of life. But having the house all to yourself for a few days will be nice. I mean when else can you run around in you underwear all day doing all those really embarassing things you love to do. Or maybe that's just me...
» ladyeyeliner on 2005-07-13 04:56:29

Yes finally an update!
lol nah thats not just you...trust me, i'll be in my underwear with the music up loud...possibly singing...the animals always look at me weird when i attempt to sing or dance even...i can just see it in their faces..."great, we're stuck with this asshole...you would think after all these years he'd eventually be good at this crap but no"...i may not do the singing thing too much since my neighbor heard me the last time my parents went on vacation...of course he had to tell me he heard me which was just so nice of him...6 days of freedom...so nice
» Kollin6618 on 2005-07-14 02:54:18

Ohh nooor....
You mean the neighbours can actually hear you? ~_^ *takes note* no singing for me when I'm home alone. Yeah, I hate it too when people take foreveeer to respond and then you ask them if they're busy and they're like, "hmm..not really". Arrrgh! If they're not busy then they should keep the flow of conversation going or just tell you they don't wanna talk! Anyway, nice bitching there, doing me proud, Cole.
» KatnicityAnnToTheMax on 2005-07-14 03:21:55

the trick is turn up the music so loud that the neighbors can't hear you. then they'll complain about the music instead of humiliating you about your singing ability. My old dog used to howl when I sang. And now my puppy licks my face and jumps all over me. It's a little painful.
» ladyeyeliner on 2005-07-15 08:25:38

Well i was drunk at the time so i wasn't really thinking clearly but i have been careful ever since...thats cute with the puppy...mine jumps all over me and its very painful too...example: kollin opens the front door after a hard days work and BAM...kollin no longer has the ability to have children
» Kollin6618 on 2005-07-16 01:13:57

BAM...kollin no longer has the ability to have children
oooooooouuuch, gotta hurt!
» KatnicityAnnToTheMax on 2005-07-16 07:09:52

lol that's the funniest thing i've heard all day!
» ladyeyeliner on 2005-07-19 08:59:13

I'm ready for a new entry now :)
» KatnicityAnnToTheMax on 2005-07-19 09:47:03

lol yeah the damn dog did it three times last week...i'm thinking about buying a cup just so no more damage can be done down there
» Kollin6618 on 2005-07-19 03:51:25

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