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Whats w/ the smoke? Kollin's overheated again
Tuesday. 6.7.05 6:24 pm
Okay well i guess i'll make a new entry...i'm bored and overheated

Job Search
I need a damn job!!!!! I've applied to a billion places!! I think that sums it up nicely...no need for further comment on the subject...next please

Oh the heat
So i get up...its about 1 in the afternoon...take my shower, get ready...gonna go search for some jobs...i open the door and BAM!...HEEEEAAAAATTTT...i think to myself every time "why in gods name would anyone, ANYONE, move to Texas, willingly?"...Colorado to Texas even...the beautiful state of Colorado with four seasons to Texas with two seasons (those being hot and really fuckin hot)...so thanks to my parents and colleges being so damn pricey out of state, i'm stuck here for another couple years...why...oh why...i need a job where i stay in a freezer all day...oh i'm dreaming of it now...the cold...wonderful cold...i stick my head in the freezer from time to time...i'm not ashammed to admit it...i do...its too hot here...its no wonder i don't feel like doing anything but laying around...its too hot to do anything...in fact, i was laying on bed before this thinking "oh its so hot...i dunno if i can get up and go on the computer...its just too much effort"

Geeze i'm even sweating right now and the only things that have moved are my fingers...i'll pay anyone some money just to kidnap me and take me to a state with colder weather...i'm telling you...the second i get the chance, i'm moving out of here! far far away! away!!!!!!

Too much work in one day
I did all kinds of shit today...well all kinds of shit probably isn't very much to the average person but to me, its a lot...i went to wendy's and picked up my check...$200...at least i've earned some money this summer...i'd say "man i shouldn't have quit my job at wendy's" but you know what? it really fuckin sucked so no, i don't regret it...anyways...after that i went to my bank...now heres the thing...i only had $6 in my checking account (thats right ladies, i'm rich and single...i know you want this)...i had a subscription to ESPN magazine and i had cancelled it but they charged me anyways so that means i overdrew on my account...the bank charged me $33 in fees...so i had to get that straightened out...then i went looking for jobs

*Shoots computer*
Damnit...why does my internet kick me off for no reason!!!!...dial up...who has dial up anymore? huh?...you know i actually called up this guy at Dell to fix my dads computer and he was trying to figure out this problem until i mentioned i had dial up and he's like "ohhh you have dial up? man i haven't messed with a computer that has dial up in quite a while now...i don't even have a modem in my computer"...greeeaaat...well its just like my parents...behind the times...i can't tell you how many times i feel like bashing the shit out of my computer because of the internet

I have a dream
Someday...and you mark my words...i will become rich and i'll go out and buy some $10,000 computer, take it out to a very large field, and beat the shit out of it with a bat...maybe i'll even shoot the thing with a shotgun...hell i'll take a few weapons...i day dream about this...you know that scene in office space? yep thats my dream...that movie is awesome for that scene alone

Procrastination...oh i'm damn good at it
I haven't registered for classes yet...need to get on that...whenever it cools down and my brain stops melting from the heat

Too hot...even for my DVD player
My DVD player stopped playing DVD's...i was watching a movie and it just stopped and refused to play anymore DVD's...it works just fine other than the fact that it won't play any DVD's...maybe its cuz of the heat...ah poor thing...i'm with yuh...too hot to do anything

Oh! And!
On a better note...hmm...yeah i got nothin

I was going to make this longer but its too hot...this is all you get

hmmm you live in texas... and you're waiting for it to cool down before signing up for classes... kollin you're screwed, cause that's never gunna happen... you're letting the heat beat you man!!!!! don't let it win!!!!! on the other hand... i too want to leave texas for this reason... maybe go back to PA
» Zig_Justice on 2005-06-07 07:05:26

i very much have a love-hate relationship with texas. my general plan is to have a winter house here, and spring house in colorado and a summer/fall house in wisconsin. then i have the best of all weathers and colors and seasons. too bad normal jobs don't support my dreams. but, i do have a temporary solution for you. first, use the pay check and buy one of the those box fans. close your dorr, open your window and shove the fan in there. that helps a surprisingly large amount. i happened to be in colorado during the record hottest weeks and amy's ac went out. next thing, never leave...ever while the sun is visible. and last, never ever ever get into your car during the summer. the damn thing can get up to 7 times hotter than the outside air. that's 560 degrees on every 80 degree day. besides, you are meant to do nothing during the summer, so it works out. :)
» ladyeyeliner on 2005-06-08 08:57:33

I don't know why anyone would willingly move to Texas either. I like your dream, although, I don't think I would ever pay ten thousand dollars to beat the crap out of a computer. Maybe ten bucks for a really old computer, because it's all the old computers fault. Speaking of old computers...I think we still have a computer that runs on windows 3.1. Well, my comment was pretty much worthless. Sorry, Kollin.
» lenas_life on 2005-06-08 09:07:05

Really long comments there people...bored much? lol
» Kollin6618 on 2005-06-09 01:21:40

» KatnicityAnnToTheMax on 2005-06-09 06:10:42

Okaaaaaaaaaay, a better comment:
I sympathise with you, Cole, on the whole heat thing...here it regularly gets to 40degrees C and above, which is *converts* Ok, well my excercise book doesn't have temperature conversions on the back, but I do know that 37degrees C is equal to 98.something degrees F. Ummmm...yeah, so it gets bloody hot here too! I also am prone to sticking my head in the freezer...try wrapping a block of ice in a face towel and balance it on your head...or wherever...that helps too...you need to buy and air cooler, or even better, get an ac installed in you room...actually, I know what you could do, move back to Colorado! Cole, you're 21, you can do these things, you know?? I also sympathise about the dial up, it definitely sucks, I myself, still have windows 98...bleurgh
» KatnicityAnnToTheMax on 2005-06-09 06:21:29

OMG i'm so dumb
98/37 = 2.6...2.6 multiplied by 40 = 105.9degrees F...So there ya go!
» KatnicityAnnToTheMax on 2005-06-09 07:22:23

haa yay thanks! lol did you know that ligers existed? i had no clue. that makes me put the sad face on...but only for a couple seconds lol later
» ieatsharpobjects on 2005-06-09 09:53:01

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