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Pissed, Tired, and Hurting
Tuesday. 5.3.05 3:28 pm
Today i woke up pissed, tired, and hurting...pissed because two of my new shirts got bleach on them thanks to my mother...i'll make her buy me new ones...i already paid $30 to $40 for those two, i'm not doing it again...tired because i only got 2ish hours of sleep last night because i had so much homework...i got a lot done though...accounting project, computer project, and economics homework...right on schedule...hurting because i had the worst case of hiccups ever...i could not stop hiccupping for like 15 minutes...it wasn't just the light hiccups, it was serious no shit hiccups...killed me...at the moment i feel like a zombie...heres what i'm thinking...i'll sleep until 7, get food, eat the food, then start my two history papers at 9...do that until 1 or 2am...and i absolutely have to wake up at 8:05 am tomorrow...i always, ALWAYS, sleep until 9 am on wednesday's which means i miss half of my computer class but this time i need to wake up 8:05 am...if any of you would like to give me a wake up call at 8 am that would be great...don't worry, i won't be talking much, mostly just groaning with an occassional "uh huh"...so feel free to do that for me...i would do the same for you!...i'm gonna go pass out now...2 hours of sleep really messes me up...give kollin a wake up call at 8 am!!

X Kollin X (10:20:30 PM): is The Day After Tomorrow any good?
ZigJustice2021 (10:20:53 PM): err any good?
X Kollin X (10:21:12 PM): yes that is what i asked...lol
ZigJustice2021 (10:21:21 PM): any good for what
X Kollin X (10:21:42 PM): the movie man...hence why i capitalized the words
X Kollin X (10:21:48 PM): lol
ZigJustice2021 (10:21:53 PM): what movie
X Kollin X (10:22:24 PM): The Day After Tomorrow
ZigJustice2021 (10:22:57 PM): wtf are you talking about
ZigJustice2021 (10:23:07 PM): MAKE IT A COMPLETE THOUGHT FOR ME
X Kollin X (10:23:23 PM): lmfao...alright i'm done with you...no mas
ZigJustice2021 (10:23:35 PM): seriously
ZigJustice2021 (10:23:40 PM): just tell me your complete thought
X Kollin X (10:24:00 PM): alright...i'm pregnant...with your baby
ZigJustice2021 (10:24:40 PM): lol
ZigJustice2021 (10:24:41 PM): damn
ZigJustice2021 (10:24:45 PM): get an abortion
X Kollin X (10:24:58 PM): too far along
ZigJustice2021 (10:25:08 PM): lol
ZigJustice2021 (10:25:13 PM): i'll give you an abortion!

Ahh its conversations like these that just make my day.

poor kollin
Those are some damn mean hiccups... i know what you're talking about tho, sometimes they can actually be painful.
» Zig_Justice on 2005-05-03 03:42:02

ach, poor kollin sucks when clothes get ruined by stupid stuff like bleach...ban bleach!
» KatnicityAnnToTheMax on 2005-05-04 12:54:07

the day after tomorrow = bad...very very bad...
» ladyeyeliner on 2005-05-05 05:52:30

I am so glad I don't have conversations like that with peter or else I might just e-smack him =).
» lenas_life on 2005-05-06 05:12:18



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