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Turkey...oh so amazing turkey...i love thee
Sunday. 5.1.05 8:27 pm
ohhh man...i had turkey today...what a delicious bird...i usually only eat turkey two times a year...christmas and thanksgiving...you should have seen me when i found out i was having turkey today...its been quite a while since i've been that excited over something...i know, its sad, but its true...my mom is great at making turkey...so juicy and full of flavor...ohhh and then the turkey sandwhiches afterwards...the second i saw that thing all ready for eating i swear a light was shinning down on it with a chorus in the background...there may even have been a single tear going down my face...beautiful...just beautiful...

alright so i didn't have much to update about but the turkey really was good...i may have exaggerated a bit but still...its like one notch below seeing the Broncos win

Kollin says:
ohhh its like heaven on a plate
Zig says:
Kollin says:
ohh what time is it? oh its seconds time baby! yeah!!
Zig says:
Zig says:
Kollin says:
lol shithead
Kollin says:
this turkey is so good, i may write an entry about it
Zig says:
Zig says:
Kollin says:
Kollin says:
so juicy and full of flavor
Zig says:
lmao seriously man
Zig says:
stop your fagotry
Kollin says:
Kollin says:
whew i don't think theres room for thirds...pilled it on when i had seconds...i'll just wait an hour or two and have a turkey sandwhich
Zig says:

Kollin and his Turkey fagotry
well i'm glad you enjoyed it, although you were goin just a bit crazy online about it. Although I would take a Turkey over the broncos winning any day... The real question is... would you trade your precious Broncos hat for a Turkey dinner?
» Zig_Justice on 2005-05-01 11:50:15

omg. i totally understand! there's something about turkey that just makes my day. and we only have it on thanksgiving. sometimes on christmas, but's that's pretty rare. usually it's prime rib and ham. i'm so jealous!! and by the way, hast thou forsaken aim?
» ladyeyeliner on 2005-05-02 12:08:57

What are you kidding me? Broncos hat for a turkey dinner? Turkey is great and all but thats only like 30 minutes of happiness. My hat however is like 7 years of happiness. Prime rib and ham. Prime rib is pretty good but i'm not really a big fan of ham. Wanna know something weird? I eat ham with sour cream. Sounds disgusting but ham actually tastes pretty good with it. I'm still using aim, i just haven't been in the mood to talk to people lately. I'll go on there more though, my s/n is X Kollin X.
» Kollin6618 on 2005-05-02 01:12:58

ZigJustice2021 (2:22:28 PM): pfffft you've known me for longer and you don't know my address! X Kollin X (2:22:41 PM): 119 tree crest circle ZigJustice2021 (2:22:47 PM): whatever (Ohhhh smack! bahahaha)
» Kollin6618 on 2005-05-02 01:25:53



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