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I really can't think of a subject...damnit!
Saturday. 4.2.05 3:10 pm
Well i have some free time and a couple friends of mine updated so i guess i will too...nothing really interesting going on but enjoy

I took an accounting test today...2 hour limit...i didn't finish it...pretty much i'm just praying i get at least a C on it...i had all the time in the world to study for the damn thing but did i really take advantage of that? no...why? because i'm a dumbass...i need to get my act together when it comes to studying...the main problem was that i skipped one class period and he just happened to go over 2 chapters worth of material that day so i got screwed...won't be doing that again...but i got a 98 on the first test, and if you include the final, theres 2 tests left...so nothing to worry about...after the test i just came home, watched some news while i ate lunch...all they talked about was the pope dying which i don't know much about his accomplishments but from what some people were saying, i guess he did a great deal...for the rest of the day i think i'll relax and not do a damn thing...yeah that sounds good

Ah the love of my life lol...I have something like 810 CD's now...i bought this MP3 collection of Elvis and got it a couple days ago...It has like 80 or so Elvis CD's on it...in my opinion, he has a ton of great music...once i get the CD-Rs i bought off of ebay i can divide up the CD's...i did buy Billy Idol - Greatest Hits a little while ago...which it has some really good songs on it...White Wedding, Rebel Yell to name a couple...it would be nice to get more music, i have a list of like 200 CD's i want haha...but i need money!...which all of my money is now going towards college

Speaking of money...my brother sent me like $250 for my birthday so i pretty much spent that on shirts, shorts, pair of pants, shoes, elvis mp3 collection, weights, haircut, and a cd case...the haircut looks pretty good...i wasn't impressed with the one before it...i think it may be good enough to put the hat away...i know, its hard letting go of the hat...its so sad *sniff*...but pete and ashley bugged me enough times to get rid of it...plus i'm tired of pete taking my hat whenever i see him...bastard...how can i show my denver broncos pride now!?...but yeah i did buy a lot of clothes...and "weights" isn't a typo there, i actually did buy some...ashley showed me these different work outs...like this works this muscle etc...so i need to get into a routine of working out...and i can do all of this without going to the gym...going to the gym would make it easier to do but we're talking about me in a public place lifting weights...not gonna happen...but with the clothes and the haircut, i think i look decent...and you know, i'm not out to impress anyone here like some of you may think...i just want to look decent...it was time for some changes

Denver Broncos
Ah the Broncos...best NFL team...no need to argue, you all know i'm right...somewhere around early August they're playing a preseason game in Houston...i will DEFINATELY be attending...even if i have to sell some body parts...they are also playing a game in Dallas during the regular season...considering my dad is a broncos fan he might go with me...if not then nobody's gonna want to go...i'll drive my happy ass up there by myself if i have to...i haven't been to a broncos game since jerry rice was playing with the 49ers...this is unhealthy, people!...i'll see if i can get the parents to pay for both games lol...if not then i'll be buying the cheapest possible ticket available...either way, i'm gonna be there!...oh yeah...Elway jersey, broncos hat...maybe get like face paint...i'll probably get my ass kicked...it'll be worth it...i'm excited!...anyone want to go with me?

No More
School really has been sucking lately...i have three tests next week...Economics (decided to skip test day to study more...oh yeah, i need to study for that), Computers (easy...i've practically taken this class 3 times already), and History (i'm praying this'll be easy...professor sucks)...i'm so tired of it...i really am...if you think about it, this is my 15th year of school...15 years of my life!!!...NO MAS!!!...and i probably have about 2 years, maybe a little more, until i get my bachelors...then i'll go for my masters...we're talkin like at least 18 years of school here total...can i just give up now? please?...why can't life have a fast forward button?..."hmm i'd love for this day to go by faster *click*"...or how about "man this week is gonna suck...lets make this fast then *click*...It would just be nice to have a decent job, my own apartment, maybe a cat or a dog...not askin for much...and i'll get there eventually...but i'd really like it now...just a job where i can at least wake up and think "well at least my job doesn't really suck, i can handle it"...as opposed to working for Wendys and waking up thinking "shoot me...shoot me now...those bastards are gonna put me on fries again...i just know it!"...either way, no more school!!!

I decided on transfering to Sam Houston State University...although it would be great to go to Baylor, or UIW, or UT, i just don't want to have to pay a shitload of money in loans...no, Sam Houston probably isn't my number 1 choice if money weren't an issue but thats okay...I'm paying for most if not all of it and i'm cheap so there you go...and i will be living at home to of course save money...i'm not really complaining...i would just prefer some things over other things...i don't have a problem with my parents at all and yes you could argue i'm spoiled in lots of ways, it would just be nice to move out or somethin...to not be bitched at every day over things lol...i'd go nuts over my parents really not paying much if any for college but it would be nice to say "yeah i pretty much paid for it all"...because i know they have some money to spare here...no second car payment, my mother hasn't been going to the doctor much at all, and thanks to my mom, theres hardly any food in this house (i'm telling you, this has significantly changed...i would know)...but like i said, it would be nice to say i'm the one paying for the college and besides they'd be paying for me to live here anyways

My Mother
I love her, she just drives me insane haha...she has a thing with food...she reads something off of the internet and then believes it...like say "wheat is horrible"...to avoid an hour of bitching, i have to sneak hamburgers into my room lol...i ate some food from Fazoli's yesterday and oh man she didn't like that...i didn't eat my dinner in peace but at least it was good...see she reads it off of the internet then decides she's allergic to it then she decides i'm allergic to it...her being on the internet only leads to her bitching at me...for the love of god, i'm 21, i can eat whatever i damn well want to!...its horrible i'm telling you...its like i step into the kitchen and an alarm goes off activating bitch mode in my mother...she'll be like "you know, thats really bad for you" and i'll say "yeah i know"...then she'll say it again and i'll say "yes mom, i know"...she'll say it AGAIN! and i'll say "mom, i know, i get it"...then she'll say "no, you don't get it" then go on to explain the problems she has and say i have them too...it happens all the time...i can't win with her...i get a salad with dressing and she'll bitch about the dressing...and i tell her "you know, i've changed the way i eat significantly, you need to realize that and stop picking at me"...but she'll keep going...i haven't had pizza in like 2 months here...seriously...does she notice? no...she just keeps picking...i can't tell you how many salads i've had in the past couple of months...i avoid a lot of foods just to avoid her bitching at me and it just doesnt work...i still get bitching just not as extreme...give me a break here!

Am i really complaining about this?
When i mentioned i'd go up to dallas to see the broncos on my own if nobody wanted to go with me that turned into an arguement with my mom too...she's like "thats insane, you can't do that, you're not going"...so i laughed and said "i'm 21, i've been driving for like 5 years now, i drove half the time from missouri down to here, if i want to go to dallas i'm going to do it"...you might think i'm sounding like an asshole to my mom but i only turn into an asshole when i feel it necessary...not to sound full of myself here but i think i'm a very responsible person who's capable of accomplishing many things...and i do think i'm a good driver...and its not like i haven't driven through major cities before...yeah i'm a little directionally challenged but that just means more time is required to get somewhere than with most people...with good directions i can make it...just talking about this makes me feel like i'm 16 or something...its things like this that make me want to move out so much

I'm listening to Metallica - ...And Justice for All at the moment...what a masterpiece...how can you not like that CD?...what a great band...i mean yeah i'll admit that St. Anger doesn't even compare to their other CD's but its still a pretty good CD...much better live but still good...it just takes a little while to really like it...Load, Reload, and the Black Album certainly aren't as good as the albums before them but excellent still...Master of Puppets, Ride The Lightning, ...And Justice For All...definately the best of Metallica...Kill 'em All is awesome as well...thinking about it, And Justice For All may be my favorite CD of theirs...i dunno, tough decision there

I think i will stop there...i have gone on for long enough and i'm bored with this...enjoy people...and if you read this, you have to comment...no excuses!

wo, im the first to comment, damn you have a lot of Cds.. but w/e works
» AustinSoty on 2005-04-02 06:51:14

Hmmmm....sounds good with the haircut, did u get it like that picture? Man, I'm so tired, me need sleep
» ( on 2005-04-02 09:20:31

ok, now i have to remember everything
the pope died by the way. just in case you live under a rock and didn't already know. accounting - tis a bitch sometimes. i would offer to go to the broncos/cowboys game with you, but that could be dangerous. i would fear for my life. i understand the whole school thing. i don't want to be 27 and still in freaking school!! it just seems like it is never going to end. and what if i waste all my time trying to get into med school and then i don't? that is my greatest fear. wasting my entire life in school to be rejected. that is my personal hell. and i understand about the mom thing too. mine's the same way. no matter what i do, it just isn't good enough for her. there is no way to win. just nod and smile. and because it's 3 in the morning i can remeber nothing else i might have wanted to comment on. so good night.
» ladyeyeliner on 2005-04-03 03:06:18

KoLLin... Is... Such... A... Bad... Boy...... LMFAO You should have studied for that accounting test ya goof.... *makes a Tsking noise*... Shame On You KoLLin... LoL.. ;oP Your mother is not going to allow you to go to the broncos games... For Gawd Sakes Mann... Yer 21... It's as if she can't trust you or sumthing... Driving all the wayy to Dallas and Houston for those football games... Hell, if I were there I would go with you... Heh... Never Been to a football game before... ;ox Anyways, All the entries that you have written up on Nutang I have read them all... Heh... I mean ALL of them... I may not have commented on each and every entry but, KoLLin still Luvs me ... Heh... Talk To Ya Later... <33
» ( on 2005-04-03 09:44:28

» IAMSAM77 on 2005-04-03 11:59:55

You're gonna bring yourself down.
Oh...guess who updated? That'd be me bitches. Time, Truth, and Hearts. Don't go to Dallas, Kollin. Those people are fucking scary. Although, all of the South is. Dunno how you do it, living there. Aww, you and your problems with your mother. My mother yells at me "GET THAT OUT OF YOUR MOUTH." Whenever I have my sweatshirt drawstring thing in my mouth. I am eightteen for fucks sake mother, I'm not two, not going to swallow it and choke on it. I guess, what they say is true, mothers will always be mothers. Although, some are lamer than others. She's never going to stop yelling at you. That's just how she is and unless she makes a conscious choice to change how she acts, she's not going to. So just deal with it. I'm listening to this really really sweet song right now..."For Lovers" by Wolfman Featuring Pete Doherty. I would have never of thought Petey could sound that sweet. I should really get The Libertines CD. Maybe when I have twenty bucks I will.
» lenas_life on 2005-04-10 12:48:00

» IAMSAM77 on 2005-04-10 01:14:48

people from dallas are only scary when they are driving
» ladyeyeliner on 2005-04-10 10:48:40

Lena, listen to some real music...yes i called you Sam...and usually people from Texas are nice unless they are driving
» Kollin6618 on 2005-04-11 05:33:15

I've been to dallas more than I'd like to admit. I know what those people are like and nice is not a word to describe them by. And, you don't even know who The Libertines are kollin, so shut the hell up.
» lenas_life on 2005-04-11 06:10:38



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