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Buh-dum Bum Pshhh
Wednesday. 2.16.05 7:26 am
Well i woke up at 5:30 am...not exactly the time i wanted to wake up...that time would have been 9:30 am...i really hate that...for a person who requires a great amount of sleep i sure don't get that much...pretty much random subjects again...if it wasn't for the fact that i woke up way too early i probably wouldn't have updated for another week at least so enjoy i guess

I have a list of things to do...i can either a) do my usual (that being not a damn thing at all) or b) be a machine and accomplish one task after another until victory!...so i'm hoping for b but unfortunately 99.9999995% of the time, its a...and i actually did write out a list...but if you include today, i have 5 days to get this shit done...my list:

Study, study, study for accounting test then go take it on friday (four words: pain in my ass)
E-mail ITSC professor for homework on Wed. (skipping that class to do Acct. HW)
Do homework for ITSC, proj. 4 and do whatever i missed on wed. (boring)
Do homework for Economics 15th, 10th (i never remember to do HW for this class)
Read a lot in Apollo 13 for History (way behind on that)
Get a haircut (oh its bad...reaaaaaaal bad)
Clean the car (yeah thats bad too...surprisingly my mom hasn't bitched much)
Call Ryan and do Investor Starter Kit (Ryan=my brother)
Cancel subscriptions to Sporting News, Sports Illustrated, ESPN (no NFL, no NHL, whats the point?)
Revise ebay listings (by the way, i hear kidney's are going for $125,000...not bad eh? i mean heck, you only need one of them! lol joking...really i'm joking...but someone actually did sell their kidney for that much)
Get CD's done for Eva (she won't shut up about it! lol...kind of a late birthday gift that i promised her...of course her birthday was in january...the girl has no music, i feel bad for her)
Get pigtail outlets for speakers and ps2 (i'm surprised this corner of my room doesn't glow...there's so much electronic crap stuffed into this one corner)
Get gas card to fill up the car (trust me, the second it hits a quarter of a tank my mom will bitch at me...so really i don't need reminding of this)
If time permits, fix up the lap top (things a piece of shit...solution: format hard drive)
Most importantly, eat right and get lots of sleep! (well i can see that we're not starting this off very well)

Eat Right
Yeah yeah those of you who know me really well know that i get heart burn on an hourly basis...okay not that often but at least a few times a day...so my mom only eats certain foods...organic, gluten free, wheat free foods...for a long while now she's been bitching at me to follow this "diet"...she pretty much assumes i have the same problems as she does...she thinks she knows everything and always thinks shes right (don't you hate people like that?...lol well if you hate people like that, why exactly are you reading my entry?)...okay so i finally gave into her bitching and i'm pretty much on her diet or "lifestyle" as she likes to put it...which pretty much means i eat a ton of vegies, hardly any meat, and of course things with no wheat or gluten...i like meat...big 24 oz porterhouse steak...mmm mmm good...i had like a very very small amount of turkey yesterday...before that, saturday was the last time i had any kind of meat...tis so sad...but my mom says this is the answer to all of my problems (which there are a fair amount of those) so since whether or not i go to the doctors i'd have to change the way i eat, i pretty much went with it...she's really annoying me just as much though but in a different way...she's like all happy and excited that i'm doing this and she goes on and on about what foods to eat and what foods not to eat...this not a wonderful thing here and i don't wish to discuss it every friggin day...no pizza? no taco bell? hardly any meat?...insane...insane i tell you!!!...see although all of these things are organic, wheat free, and gluten free, they can still be an "acid" and rip me up inside...sooo i have to stay away from the acidy foods as well...you do need some acidy foods to balance things out but not that much...but the acidy foods are always the best!!!!...*sighs* some people haven't even experienced heart burn at my age...that just pisses me off...i absolutely love food and no matter how much of it i eat i can never get fat...yet it affects me this way...two things i'm gonna ask for when i reach those gates in heaven assuming i make it there...a big pair of balls and a system that allows me to eat whatever i please

I can never win with people...really never...i try my best to make people happy but it just doesn't work sometimes...theres several issues i have with several people...just not good...i dunno if i should name names here...meh i guess not, some of you actually do read my entries and i don't feel like writing a private entry...so within the past couple days, two girls who live nowhere near me have said they liked me...well one said she loved me...known them for a while...pretty much rejected both of them...the whole "online long distance relationship" kinda thing isn't very appealing to me anymore...in the past, yeah but not so much now...its not so much that i can't handle it, cuz i can, its cuz other people can't handle it but think they can...and i really don't feel like playing games like that anymore...back to what i was saying though...they're nice but even if they lived right next to me i don't think i'd be with either...just don't see them that way...i feel really bad and weird...bad because well i just hurt two people, not intentionally...weird because a lot of times i think i'm never going to find that one person and a lot of times i think its impossible that anyone could like me that way...so its like "what are you doing? do you not realize that you probably won't find someone for a long time and here you are rejecting two people?"..."rejecting" is a harsh word but for the person actually being rejected, it fits quite well...but i can't go into a relationship not feeling anything for the other person and just hoping that somewhere along the lines i'll develop feelings for that person...i've done that before and it doesn't work...and a little before this happened, i was kinda sorta rejected myself...i say kinda sorta cuz she had a good reason...and i feel bad that i even asked because i was just thinking of myself and didn't stop to think that that put her in an uncomfortable position and probably added stress to her life...back to what i was trying to say...its weird i can go from that to this but looking on the bright side of things, if there is one at all, at least i know what i want and i'm not willing to settle for anything less than something like that...i'm not picky mind you, at least i don't think i am but there are a few things i require...and if someone falls short on those few things i really don't see the point in trying

When it comes to looks i'm not that picky at all...i do have to find that person to be attractive...i don't like too skinny and i don't like really overweight but as long as you put in an effort to fix those things and i do find you to be attractive then thats fine...i do tend to lean more towards brunettes and brown eyes but thats just leaning...not a requirement...i don't particularly like when a girl is taller than i am but again, not a requirement...not picky, am i right?

Personality in some ways i am very picky...honesty...big one...pretty much just having morals...can't be full of yourself...the ability to open up...intelligent...giving/caring...sense of humor...romantic...sarcastic...trusting (like if i give you no reason not to trust me then you should trust me) with me i'm sure that requires patience and understanding lol...gotta have some things in common with me...a lot of things are packed into that having morals part...i'm sure you can figure those out...no drugs...with drinking, well all things in moderation...i'm sure i could keep going...i guess leaning towards my way of thinking on political issues really helps...not meaning you always have to agree with me on things...i'm sure i could keep going but i'll stop there...for the most part those are requirements...to me that doesn't look like i'm picky...i'm sure most of you will think i am though...and you know me, i'm stubborn and don't really waiver much on things

Pain In My Ass
kinda went off the subject of having issues with people...concerning an ex girlfriend of mine...she got pissed off at me when i wouldn't tell her what was wrong one day...how am i spose to open up to you when i find you to be a fake, lying, stuck up bitch and basically the only reason why i talk to you is because i'd feel bad if i told you to fuck off?...can't open up to someone when thats what i think of them...it would be a waste of my time...i think i sent her an e-mail afterwards apoligizing but i haven't talked to her since...its stupid of me to feel bad when i shouldn't but i do

you know i use to think that i actually liked talking on the phone...i mean if you get me to be comfortable with talking to you on the phone i can talk for hours at a time...but after a little while i start thinking "okay, time for you to go"...plus for some reason i really do have a phobia concerning this...when it comes to anyone...just type in the number, press send...its just too hard for me to do...it takes a great deal for me to call someone...even like my brother, or good friends of mine...so pretty much, if i have called you, it either means you annoyed me enough for me to do it or i really really wanted to talk to you...i even have a hard time calling pizza hut lol...what is wrong with me!!?!??!

Name Tags
so i guess in spring ISD grade school kids are having to wear these name tag things that have a computer chip in them that makes it so you can located the kid anywhere he/she might be...for safety reasons...so you put it on, when you get on the bus i guess another device detects it and everythings good to go...i guess it helps with whether or not they're absent...in a way it sounds good...but i'm against this and i'll tell you why...has to do with the privacy issue...you might be saying "but thats just a little kid, they don't really have as many rights and its not like its gonna bother them at all"...that may be true buttt if we're willing to do this to kids in grade schools, then we're always going to be willing to take it a step further...and another step further...and so on...which will lead to things infringing upon your right to privacy...i think of it like this: what would legalizing marijuana most likely lead to? the legalization of other drugs...which would eventually build up and get worse over time...shut it down before it even starts or before it can get worse...i'll agree that it has some positives but for the soul reason that this will lead to more things infringing upon your privacy rights, i'm gonna have to say i'm against it

I'm sure you can bring up things that i'm for that would infringe upon your privacy rights...but i'm for those things for a good reason and i can debate with you on whatever you like and i'll tell you the difference between this issue and the issues i'm for

I guess i'll end this here...i'm having a fight with someone so i can't really focus on this...god i hate it when people assume and they don't pay attention to what i'm really trying to say...i don't like repeating myself damnit...talk to you people later

well.. im the first to comment,... and i dont think i could even get myself to read all that.. its to long.. to much time.. sounds like fun though
» AustinSoty on 2005-02-16 04:58:58

welllllllllzzzz.... KoLLin... Muh Dear Kornflake.. LoL.... Im Like SooooooooOoooooooo Loved Man... You Actually put muh name in your entry... LMFAO... You did that on purposeeee... pshazzz.... Ah wellzzz... Atleast I'm the first one to actually comment back on your entry... Heh... I really can't believe you gave in to your mom's diet thingie.... Lmfao... but, ah wellzz... 'tis all good... Dun want Kornflake getting any more heartburns... heh.... About those name id tags... wowz... they actually are gonna do it... I think that'll be a waste of time and money... but, that's just muh opinion... heh... n e ways... yahhhh... shtufff.... dunno whuuuut else ta say... heh... so, I might as well end off this comment, eh... heh... *huggles*
» Such_A_Babeh_Face on 2005-02-16 05:16:14

holy crap
your entries are huge.
» chells420 on 2005-02-16 05:43:56

Hey Cole, Thanx for the comment you posted on my weblog, it really helped-even though it made me cry, cos you're right. IIII got through allll of your entry, how could not? It was funny, good luck on the healthy eating diet, he hee! Atleast you won't have to call Pizza Hut anymore!
» KatnicityAnnToTheMax on 2005-02-16 06:02:10

You'll always be a winner with me!! ;) ... and you had better be eating right
» Zig_Justice on 2005-02-16 08:18:58

wtf...*rawr* that chick is like SooooOoooo messed up... first she says that and I quote "and i dont think i could even get myself to read all that.. its to long.. to much time.. " but, then what's this she comments again... and i quote once more "and I actually did read all your entry"... uhm like yeah... as if she can't even make up her damn mind..... first she says it way tooo long and tooo much time to read it but, then she says that she actually read the entry.... Learn how to spell first of all....but, n e ways..... Sowwie if I ruined your Entry Kornflake... I didn't mean too.... I would have said more... but, no... <3333
» ............................................ ( on 2005-02-16 11:04:42

lol nutang drama
» Kollin6618 on 2005-02-17 01:50:41

yeah people just all around suck. nothing is ever good enough for ne 1. ugh.. it pisses me off so........ much. ~Ariel
» staywithme4eva on 2005-02-18 01:45:51

oh.. thats a good one... haha, makes me laugh
» AustinSoty on 2005-02-22 05:49:55



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