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Entry filled with randomness...only 4 pages!
Tuesday. 2.8.05 8:41 pm
Well my last couple of entries generated a lot of conversation...by the way, kiss my ass on disagreeing with me! lol joking...i think i'll talk about stupid meaningless crap in this entry...you know, those entries i get like 2 or 3 comments on...so here goes!

3 Doors Down
I bought their new CD today...its good...but i was expecting a little better...they've kinda gotten a little softer...their first CD was awesome...and their second CD, although not as awesome, still impressive...the EP was pretty good...two new songs and some live songs...this one is good though...i guess best buy is having this sale...$4 off for 2 CDs, $8 off for 4 CDs etc...but they wouldn't give me my $4 off when i went to buy this! bastards!...so i didn't get a second CD...i can save $4 just by going on ebay...fuckers...but i guess i don't need to spend that much money...Doom 3 was $20...this was $10...so thats enough for a while...oh but its so tempting...i need i need i need!!!!

Okay, i think i have a major problem with straws...every time i get a straw, and hit it against something to you know, get it out of the paper thing, it bends and splits on the sides!!...every damn time!...even when i lightly do it!!...so usually i just tear it off instead of doing the hitting thing like normal people do...but today i was like "okay, lets try this once again, maybe it'll work"...fucker split!!...ugh!

Pretty busy today...i woke up at 7 am to study...then went to class...came home, watched some tv...went to best buy...studied more...took a test in testing center...then came home...ate food...now i'm here...7 am!!!...i don't do well at 7 am and the coffee didn't help me...so now i'm exhausted and its only 9 pm...maybe i'll go to bed around 11ish...and i think i'll play the Doom 3 demo some after this entry...bought the game, should play the demo...it'll take a while for the game to get here though, being shipped from Thailand...$19.50 but i gotta wait...oh well

Well rather than study and do homework yesterday, i cleaned my room...i threw out 5 trash bags worth of crap...a lot of it was like stuff my mom saved from throughout school like homework and tests...do i really need that in my room? no..."oh but those are memories" hey i survived, thats good enough, don't need papers to prove that...so threw that crap out...a bunch of sports magazines i threw out...a lot of those...cleaned out the desk, dresser, tv stand, and night stand...tis nice...the only place i didn't clean was the closet and my mom was like "NO! you cannot throw any of that out! those are memories! and some of those things are collectables!"...i was like "alright, you can keep it, i don't want it"...its alright, my room looks better...had to pretty much sneak the trash bags out or my mom will be like "what are you throwing out? open it, let me see...some of these things you shouldn't throw out"...insane pack rat of a woman!...i like clean, simple, and organized...looks nice and its easy to deal with

Super Bowl
Almost forgot to talk about this...so the Patriots won, again...i have some complaints...first of all, i was happy with either team winning...i like the patriots, probably my third favorite team behind the broncos and titans...the eagles, i just felt bad that they've been so successful the past 4 years and they don't have a trophy to show for it...they're the buffalo bills of the auts (bills lost 4 straight super bowls)...onto my complaints...the eagles last two drives...what the hell were they waiting for on the first of the two last drives?...just take your time up to the line, throw short little passes, take your sweet time...what the hell? this is the super bowl not some meaningless preseason game!!! get your shit together!...trust me, if they would have hurried and gotten points on the board quicker, they could have kicked the ball to the patriots, called their last two time outs, stopped the pats, gotten the ball back at a better position and probably with way more time...idiots! you gave it away!...the last drive...okay you're given a small amount of time...what do you need to do? throw the deep ball and do your best to get out of bounds...all you need is 3 points so its not as bad...you have David Akers, a very accurate kicker...what do they do? fuck around again...McNabb even threw to the Running Back at the line of scrimmage, he caught it and they wasted a ton more time...wtf are you doing!?!?...throw it away! if anything, the RB should have been smart enough to know you shouldn't catch that! you're just wasting time!!...they gave that game away because they're idiots!!...very disappointing last two drives...overall, the game wasn't too exciting...there were some moments but overall, not so much...mostly a defensive battle the first half so that made it slow...once again, the Pats pulled out a close one in the super bowl...congrats to the Pats for creating such an amazing dynasty...the half time show...was okay...the stage looked cool...i like some of Paul McCartney's music but i don't think he's the super bowl half time show kinda guy...good music but you need something thats powerful and gets people really excited...i'm not saying we should have janet jackson and the nipple thing going again...but like the one before it, aerosmith, not bad...you need a hard rock band or somethin...like i said, i like his music, i just don't think its super bowl half time show material...onto commercials...soooooo disappointing...thats one of the best things about the super bowl! you get awesome commercials!...there was maybe 1 or 2 funny ones...very disappointing...if i wasn't lazy i'd complain to important people about this...i want a new team from the AFC in the super bowl next year, preferably the Broncos or Titans (wishful thinking but i have faith!)...GO BRONCOS!

Professor Dumbass
So i was half asleep and doing homework in history class but i still caught what the idiot was saying...we were talking about Plessy V. Ferguson...so he was saying that the Civil War never would have happened if it wasn't for the 3/5 compromise...in 1787 the northern states and southern states needed to compromise on the issue of slavery and counting them as property or citizens or else they were probably going to break up into two different countries...don't call me out on this cuz i'm not an expert so i'm sure theres more in this than i'm saying but thats what he said...*pause*

ZigJustice2021: i wanna be your backdoor man
AntiChangeLoser: i really don't like the sound of that

*continue* so he was saying, the 3/5 Compromise left out a few things that should have been corrected...the Civil War happend and corrected those few things with the 13th and 14th amendments...so he was saying, if they wouldn't have done the 3/5 Compromise, they would have split into two countries and saved the 620,000 people who died in the Civil War...no war would have happened because they just got out of the Revolutionary War...now, thats a nice thought and everything but i'd have to say B.S....why? i'll tell you why

Lets say the 3/5 Compromise doesn't happen...they split into two nations...one has slaves, one doesn't...North, South...do you really think the North is gonna put up with a nation right next to them having slaves?...plus, the North (during the Civil War) was more advanced than the South...the south depended upon the North in several ways because of it...trust me, it would not have worked...if a war doesn't happen in 1787 between the two, then i guarentee it'll happen down the road...the North, i'm sure, would get pissed about the slavery thing and do somethin about it...i'm sure a war would happen one way or the other...sure, maybe lives could have been spared, maybe...but it would happen one way or the other...i'm sure i can go into more detail about this but i'm tired and can't think beyond this point

Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Thats the way the military approaches gays and lesbians being in there...is this wrong or not?...if it does get out that you're gay then you run the risk of being discharged...personally, i don't mind this rule...you could argue that its b.s. to kick someone out of the military because of their sexual preference...in my opinion, your sexual preference should be none of anyones business and you should keep that quiet especially when it comes to your job...the military is not about the individual, it is about the whole...if we call attention to the individual, that is a distraction and you can't work as a whole...a gay person can fight in a war just like a straight person...a gay person can become a hero just as easy as a straight person can...i'm not disputing that...what i am saying is that you don't need to create distractions and you don't need to call attention to yourself because the military is built upon a group effort, not individual efforts...the reason this creates a problem with gays and lesbians is because the vast majority of them like calling attention to themselves and like being distractions...don't give me shit about that comment, you know its true...did i need to hear that Ellen was gay? no, keep that shit to yourself...why did she come out with that? because she likes calling attention to herself...not only that, but the vast majority of gays and lesbians feel they need special rights and privilages...so that is why gays and lesbians are so pissed at the military and this rule...you know what? nobody needs to hear about your sexual preference so shut it...do i parade down a street with a sign that says i'm proud to be a heterosexual and wear some weird outfit? no...do i go up to people and say i'm straight? do i come out in front of tons of people and say i'm straight? no...why? because thats none of anyones business and i should keep that shit to myself...so i don't see a problem with the "don't ask, don't tell" policy in the military...just means don't call attention yourself and don't be a distraction...and if you do call attention yourself, and are a distraction, you're not apart of the "whole" therefore you're discharged...just like you can be discharged for saying certain other things...you're not a civilian...you're in the military now and you do not call attention to yourself...so i say, don't change it, theres nothing wrong with it...nobody needs to know your sexual preference anyways...i'm not trying to be an asshole to gays and lesbians...like i've said before...i view them as my equal and i'll treat them like i'd treat any other person...nuff said

Praying Before a Football game
A lot of people are against that but i personally don't see a problem with it...i just read an article by Gregg Easterbrook who said if you're going to pray before a football game is should be something along the lines of this:

God, let me play well but fairly.
Let competition make me strong but never hostile.
Forbid me to rejoice in the adversity of others.
See me not when I am cheered, but when I bend to help my opponent up.
If I know victory, allow me to be happy;
if I am denied, keep me from envy.
Remind me that sports are just games.
Help me to learn something that matters once the game is over.
And if through athletics I set an example, let it be a good one.

Its not saying "please God, give me the strength to crush my opponent"...i thought that was a pretty good prayer...its also not saying "God help me win the Super Bowl" or anything like that...you always see players after a touchdown point to the sky indicating God helped them score...tis not right...but if you are going to bring God up during a sports game or before or after one, it should be along the lines of what Easterbrook said.

Well theres more stuff to bitch about but i'll cut it short...i'm sure at least that last section will generate a lot of talking in my comments...enjoy!

Hmm have you ever considered that the only reason you think gay people are all after attention is because those are the only people you realise are gay? Meaning most gay people don't make a big deal about it, but you just don't notice them. The ones you notice are the obnoxious attention deprived ones. To be honest, I know many many many more straight people that are after attention. I'm sure you know the type... they hit on anything and everything that has the ability to walk. I'd call that a distraction.
» Zig_Justice on 2005-02-08 10:39:19

i never said all of them are after attention...i'm just saying a great deal of them are...and i'm not debating straight people wanting a great deal of attention...and if you are a straight person and in the military and you feel the need to call attention to yourself or be a distraction, you should be punished and/or discharged also...like i said, its not about the individual, its about the whole
» Kollin6618 on 2005-02-08 10:44:22

Hey Cole...well...I won't comment on the military section, but CONGRATULATIONS on getting up early, lol....I know it's a mean feat for you. Hmmmm....I'm so tired, damn puppy, talk to ya later
» KatnicityAnnToTheMax on 2005-02-08 11:42:08

You are such an ass head, oh btw..pc is fixed...giggle now!! any way, Leave your mom alone on the pack rat thing...your the baby, right? ok then, she needs those things, they mean alot to her whether you like it or not, leave her be and stop sneaking them into the trash
» IAMSAM77 on 2005-02-11 02:51:15

okay well i don't think she needs to save 4th grade english homework that i've done...there were like stacks of old homework and papers i've done through school...two words: gotta go!...plus it was being stored in my room...three words: definately gotta go!
» Kollin6618 on 2005-02-11 04:24:23

i know, techinically "gotta" is two words "got to"...just saving myself from someone giving me crap about it
» Kollin6618 on 2005-02-11 04:25:54

what does it matter what it is, it is her who wants it, its her who it is important too, you couldnt have found somewhere else to put it...said..."hey mom, this stuff is in my way, if ya want it, can we put somewhere else"?
» IAMSAM77 on 2005-02-11 04:38:00

no more speaking from you!
» Kollin6618 on 2005-02-11 04:42:14

well maybe that is a great idea...permantley shushed!!!!
» IAMSAM77 on 2005-02-11 04:56:23

hi u signed my sight so i'm signing urs! thanx for the comment!
» staywithme4eva on 2005-02-13 11:23:12

you stopped commenting my page, i'll stop with yours
» AustinSoty on 2005-02-13 06:48:11

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