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Political Issues, Valentines Day, Doom 3 Etc.
Thursday. 2.3.05 4:06 pm
Well my parents recorded the State of the Union speech so i watched that today...i thought it was pretty good...so i'll talk about that...my history professor is an idiot and i'll explain why...some issues were brought up concerning what i said about Valentines Day...so i'll splain further on that...and i'm sure i'll think of more crap to say...so enjoy!

Regarding My Last Entry on Valentines Day
My section on this holiday can be and probably is viewed as me being 100% against it...I'm not against Valentine's Day...all i was trying to say was that you shouldn't celebrate your love and affection for a person on only certain days of the year...some have argued that people need holiday's like this because those are the only times of the year they can get that kind of love and affection...well first of all, its quite sad that you have to rely on a national holiday for you to be given love and affection from that special someone...second of all, if thats the case, and its a major issue for you in your relationship, then you need to find someone who's willing and maybe even more than willing to give you that love and affection throughout the whole year and not just on certain holidays...the impression i get from this holiday is that people obviously don't care enough about their partner throughout the year so we need this holiday to remind them to show love and affection towards that special someone...i'm sorry but if you need reminding of this, what are you doing in that relationship?...you could argue guys don't like showing their love and affection for the person they're with...well ladies, if the guy you're with isn't making you happy then you need to either talk it over with him and make a change in your relationship or find a new man...we shouldn't need a holiday to remind us of these things...we should be showing our love and affection for the person we're with throughout the whole year...one thing that bothers me about this holiday is that looking at it from a certain perspective, you can get a general feeling that you're being forced to buy gifts, being forced to show your love and affection towards the person you're with...some might be willing, some might be more than willing...but the holiday itself is demanding you to do these things...i don't like that...i like a holiday telling me what to do...i want to be able to do something because i want to do it, not because a holiday is demanding these things of me...looking at it from the perspective of a single person, this holiday can actually hurt you and make you depressed...a holiday shouldn't bring these feelings...a holiday should be purely about bringing joy and happiness to every person...it does not do so in the case of a single person...the only reason i bring that up is because i'm sure theres a large population of single people out there who have to go through this holiday...those are the reasons i don't like the holiday...HOWEVER (before you jump all over me because of what i've just said) assuming i was with someone i would enjoy the holiday...although i would show my love and affection for the person i was with throughout the year, i'd be more than willing to show it on valentines day as well...sure, the hearts and cupid and all the cuddly little stuffed animals are cute...and i'd enjoy and be more than willing to give these things to the person i'm with...so i would enjoy the holiday a great deal...but i wouldn't be doing those things with and for the person i care about because the holiday demands it...i would be doing those things with and for the person i care about because i'm more than willing to show my love and affection for her...so in a sense i like the holiday but in a sense i do not...take my arguements as you want to...that i just my opinion of the holiday

My History Professor is a Dumbass
So every class period in History we debate over many issues...the war in iraq, discrimination, the role of the government, etc etc...i can't help but join in these debates because he's not only an idiot but he pisses me off...don't get me wrong, he's a nice guy with a good sense of humor and i enjoy the stories he shares with us but when it comes to political issues such as the ones i just listed, he's an idiot...i'll give you some examples and what i feel about the issues i mention

"The US is the World's Police" - Professor Dumbass
So my History teacher brought this up sometime last week and i actually got into it with him a great deal...his opinion is that the United States should become neutral, get rid of all the military bases across the world, and leave everyone alone...don't fight in any wars, don't have anything to do with other countries...he feels that because we have all of these military bases and we fight wars like the war in iraq, we're being the world's police and it is totally wrong...not only that but he feels its unconstitutional what we are and what we have done...now you can take his side, i don't mind, i won't think any less of you but i'll most certainly disagree...he even went so far as to say that in World War II, we never should have gotten involved...he said that Hitler would have taken over Europe, he would have left us alone and eventually over time, his Empire would crumble to the ground just like the Romans and Greeks...is it me or is he just the biggest idiot in the world?...so let me get this right...you're saying let Hitler take over Europe and so on, and just screw everyone else we're not getting involved...what an idiot...Hitler was a murderous dictator...he believed all jews should die...he believed anyone with brown hair and brown eyes should die...he was rotten and evil to the core...you're saying we should let millions of people suffer and die...just stand there and do nothing...by fighting in that war, we saved more lives than by just sitting there and letting Hitler do his business...if i was a soldier, i'd be more than willing to die in order to save 10 people, 100 people, 1000 people however many...i would put my life on the line to save people from suffering and maybe dying...it was a great thing we got involved in that war...theres no telling what Hitler would have done if it wasn't for us getting involved...yes, american soldiers died...many of them died...but they died to save the lives of millions of other people...it is totally and completely selfish for a nation with such power and technology to simply stand by and let something like what Hitler did happen

i'm not talking about being an american here...i'm talking about being a human being...and as a human being you should be more than willing to help save the lives of other human beings...whether they are Iraqi, French, British, Vietnamese, Austrailia etc etc...i would gladly lay my life on the line if it meant several good and innocent people would live to see another day...and i will always stand by that...no, i'm not in the military...but if there was ever a time either my nation called upon me, or i felt my nation needed me, i would be there...one life instead of ten other lives is worth it...one human being instead of ten or more human beings is worth it...so don't tell me that we should sit back and watch innocent people dying and not help them you selfish asshole

I feel the same when it comes to the War In Iraq...many people are against it and i do not know why...say all you want to about weapons of mass destruction...say all you want to about oil...what it boils down to is that you had a murderous dictator evil enough to be mentioned with the likes of Adolf Hitler...are you telling me that we should sit back and let millions of innocent and good Iraqi people suffer under this dictator?...are you telling me its okay for these people to be murdered and raped and tortured?...they can't overthrow Saddam...why? because they live in fear...they've been living in fear for decades because of this man...should we sit back and let this keep going?...while you're sitting at home in your lounge chair, eating potato chips, and watching football on your big screen TV, innocent people are suffering and having to live in fear and all you have to say is we shouldn't help them?...yes, i believe Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, argue with me all you want on that issue...but i do not and never will say that that man should ever rule a country...the mear fact that we're giving innocent people the chance to live in freedom and democracy is enough for me to say going into Iraq is a good thing...60+% of Iraq's people voted in their first election...thats an unbelievable number...in the United States, we don't even come close to 60% of the population voting...thats quite sad...those people wanted and needed this...can you believe it? their lives were at risk when they went to vote but they did it anyways...why? because thats what its like to be free...the Iraqi people have broken down to tears because they can't believe it...they can vote...many years ago we fought for our right to vote and many people died...many years ago we fought for our right to be free and many soliders died...are you telling me we should sit back and not let these millions of Iraqi's have freedom?...because we have freedom we should say screw everyone else?...NO!...as a human being i feel other human beings should be just as free as i am and i'd be more than willing to risk my life to have others be that way...shame on all of you for thinking this war is wrong...shame on all of you for being so selfish...i have lost respect for you if you feel it was not the right thing for us to go in there and free these people of this murderous dictator and his regime...shame on you

Continuing more...
Not only are we giving freedom to the people of Iraq but we're making the United States safer along with surrounding countries safer...and yes Iraq is a main front on the war on terror...my teacher likes to say that the terrorists had nothing to do with Saddam and Iraq...tell me something, how do you think the terrorists get all of their weapons and intelligence?...by themselves? i think not...they had help you idiot...by supporting terrorists, that makes you a terrorist too...and rather than sit here and let another 9/11 happen, we're taking the offensive and taking them out on their own ground...so therefore, we're not only saving the lives of Iraqis but we're saving the lives of Americans and other people of other nations...you can't tell me this war is not the right thing...i won't believe it...and maybe someday you'll wake up and realize this is the right thing...maybe someday you'll wake up and realize that President Bush is a good man doing the right thing...if you're too selfish to think we only went in there for oil then i have lost respect for you

Whew mas continuing..
I stand by every word i've said on this issue...you can debate me all you want but i know i'm right...as a free human being i feel other human beings should be free as well...not only do i feel it but it is a basic human right to be free

And even more continuing..
Should the United States of America sit back and let these things happen? No...being a neutral country not only shows that you're a pussy, but it shows you're selfish too...why do we have bases all around the world? to make sure that every human being has the right to be free...the United States is considered a super power...shouldn't we help others and do good around the world if we have this kind of power and technology?...shouldn't we help nations like Iraq where millions of innocent people are suffering and living in fear?...i say yes and if you want to call us "the world's police" then fine...if thats how you'd like to sum it up, then go for it...but i feel this is a great nation doing a great thing in Iraq...not only am i proud of this nation for going into Iraq but i'm proud of the soldiers risking their lives so that not only the people of this nation can retain freedom but the people of Iraq can now live in freedom...and like i said, i would be more than willing to lay my life on the line so that many others can live in freedom as well.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness (or private property if you'd like)...those three things my teacher feels should be the only things the government should get involved with...he's an idiot though...one thing he said was that if he owned a restaurant, he should have the right to allow and not allow anyone in that restaurant...meaning he should be allowed to put up a big sign on the door that says "no blacks allowed" or "no mexican's allowed"...he's not racist he just feels he should have the right to do that...now in my opinion, thats wrong...not only is it immoral but i feel the government SHOULD be involved in an issue like that...if we let one person do that then more people will do that and it'll snow ball so bad that we'll end up back where we were decades ago...we'll be back to having whites only bathrooms and black only bathrooms...no, we should not allow people to do that...the government should be involved in making laws and rules on issues like this.

Along with the legalization of marijuana, my professor feels all drugs and prostitution should be legal...now, i'm okay with prostitution being legal as long as they pay taxes on the money they get like every business in america along with being checked for diseases on a regular basis...thats fine, i have no problem with that...concerning the issue of legalizing drugs, i do not agree with...i'm okay with cigarettes and alcohol being legal but not drugs...why am i okay with those two and not drugs being legal? because assuming you're thinking people take things in moderation, tobacco and alcohol won't kill you in a short amount of time...it takes in most cases, many years for that to have an affect on you...it'll most likely reduce the amount of years you're alive if you do it often but it won't affect you in the short term, most times...with drugs, you can drop dead much more easier and much more quicker...legalizing these drugs will only lead to a higher death rate...i'm totally against it...i'm also against marijuana being used for medicinal purposes...there are alternatives people...marijuana is not the be all end all of drugs that can be used medicinally...so on this issue i'm 100% against the legalization of drugs of any kind...alcohol is enough

Gay/Lesbian Marriage
Heres another issue...you can go either way on it...i'll just tell you my side of it...it is my belief that marriage should only be between a man and a woman...i'm pretty much saying it goes against my religion...theres in holes and theres out holes, you don't put stuff in the out holes lol jokin...i do not think gay people should be given special rights...and i do not think they should be able marry eachother...being a male, yes it does turn me on to see two girls go at lol HOWEVER it goes against my religion and therefore it is wrong in my opinion...now, it is not my place to judge people...being religious, i feel it is God's place to judge people...therefore, like i treat everyone else as my equal, i will treat every gay and lesbian as my equal...yes i feel they're doing something wrong and against my religion but i do not hold that against them...it is not my place to hold that against them...so you can believe all you want on that but theres my take on the issue and i stand by it.

This is another big issue...i am against it...now i've never been put in the position of having to deal with my girlfriend being pregnant and blah blah blah but i'm still against...yes, you can bring up a girl being raped and having to deal with that...but i have one thing to say...put the baby up for adoption...concerning the rape pregnancy issue there...concerning some little 15 year old getting pregnant, if you were stupid enough to not use protection, tough shit...either take care of the child or put it up for adoption...do you honestly think that a baby isn't going to find a family? theres tons of people out there who can't have children and would be glad to adopt your child...now, as of right now, if i were put in the position of my girlfriend having a baby, i would not want to put the child up for adoption...she, whoever she would be, might disagree but that would be my opinion...i'd do everything i could to take care of the baby and its mother...so yes, putting the baby up for adoption or taking care of it yourself are the only two options in my opinion...abortion is out of the question and i'm 100% against it.

Social Security
I liked what Bush had to say about Social Security...assuming you don't know about this i guess i'll explain the situation...if you work, in every pay check you get you have to pay a certain amount to social security and starting when you're 60 you get some of that money back every month...well everyone pays into it...you're never told how much you're gonna get but you do get some money when you're 60+...a while ago it was 16 to 1...meaning for every 16 people who paid into social security, that paid for 1 person...so say that person gets $1200 a month, each of those 16 people would pay $75 a month...well that ratio has changed...its now 3 to 1...and soon it will be 2 to 1...in the year 2018 social security will have more money going out than coming in...in the year 2042 the whole social security system will be bankrupt...this is a major issue that needs to be dealt with...why is the ratio rapidly increasing? because of the "baby boom"...so Bush is pretty much saying we should change social security to privatized accounts...by that he means every person will have a choice of investing a percentage of their money into 5 things...one is stocks, one is bonds, etc etc...i forget all 5 but yeah...so that means you will get a nice profit when you're 60 and needing that money...not only that but these private accounts are a willable asset...meaning instead of a husband dying and the wife not getting any of his social security, these private accounts can be willed or given to the husbands wife and family...now in my opinion this plan sounds pretty good...and like Bush said theres still a lot to be done and a lot to be talked about...but i think that idea is a pretty good start

So in his speech he talked about the Iraqi's voting and the soldiers who died over there...so as guests he had some Iraqi's who voted and some parents of soldiers (god i can never type soldiers right the first time) who died over there...so when he mentioned these particular parents, there was an Iraqi woman sitting in front of them and she turned around gave the mother a hug...i thought it was really nice...it was like the Iraqi woman was so proud of that soldier for what he believed and what he died for that she felt she needed to say thank you by hugging the parents of him...it was moving...good moment

I'd mention other issues like these but i think those are probably the most talked about...as you can see i'm a conservative republican who is for Bush...several of my friends are not lol...but those are my opinions...eat shit if you disagree haha joking

Meh Class
See you're sitting there in a class of like 25 to 30 students and the professor starts going into some of these issues...well the way my History professor lectures, he's pretty much saying his view is the right view and all other views are wrong...this really gets to me...cuz he'll have 90% of the class automatically on his side just because they think he's smart and knows what he's talking about because he has a degree and he's older...well fuck you, just because you're older and have a degree doesn't mean you're smarter or know what you're talking about...you can eat shit if you take that approach...and thats the approach i take with him...and when i see that 90% of the class is on his side on an issue that i happen to have a different opinion on, i'm gonna talk...and you know me, i'm probably the shyest most anti social person you'll ever meet...i have a lot of problems in those areas...but the one way you can get me to talk is by pissing me off about political issues...this guy really gets to me...so i'll raise my hand and spout off my opinion...i don't just talk when i'm called on...no sir, just like he does, i pound my opinion in his face...and i raise my voice...make sure i'm heard and my position is known...and of course he'll be a jackass and interrupt me then call on someone else so i have to raise my hand and lay into him again...concerning the war in iraq i believe this happened like 5 or 6 times...but i'll stand up for what i believe in...and just because you have a degree doesn't mean shit to me...you can kiss my ass...i'm not afraid to stand up for what i believe in...and like i've always said, i believe i'm always right and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it...so i'll pound my opinion in your face all day long and never get tired of it if you get me in the mood...so your bull shit isn't gonna pass here...no sir...if you're gonna put your views out there and feel they're the only way to go then i'll give it to you like that in return...and you better be prepared to cuz its not coming at you lightly

Doom Tres
Well i'm thinking of buying Doom 3...i think i can get it for around $25 on ebay...maybe less...probably less cuz well i'm just that good...but the demo runs well on my computer...and i love first person shooter games...i seriously was addicted to Half-Life...i downloaded a ton of those addons and i bought every addon...i was awesome at that game...lol jokin...i was alright but it was fun...i'd buy Half Life 2 but a) i'm too cheap to pay $55 and b) i need to save money...i walked into Best Buy today and it was just screaming "spend money!!"...it was so hard walking out of there having not bought anything...cuz i looked at movies, CDs, ps2 games, pc games...i was like "ohhhh i need this!! and this!!! ohhh man how am i going through life without this!!!"...it was tough but i made it out of there with all of the money i went in there with...three things i need though...yes, need...Gran Turismo 4 when it comes out (greatest racing games ever)...one of the first person shooter games IE Doom 3, Half Life 2 etc...and the new 3 Doors Down CD...yes i like 3 Doors Down, if you don't and feel the need to bitch about it, you can kiss my ass...i liked them before they were popular so ha! there too...but yes...those 3 are a must and maybe just maybe i can get my parents to pay for some of it cuz well i'm broke and jobless lol

Well i'm sure i've rambled on enough...if you made it this far, congrats...i do have more on my mind but i'll save it for the next entry...actually i have a lot more on my mind...hmm...no i'll save it for the next one...don't worry...i know, 8 or so pages isn't that long but hopefully you'll enjoy it hahaha...at least in this one i'm talking about serious issues here...feel free to tell me your views in the comments section...if they're different from mine well, its not gonna do you any good cuz i stand by everything i say and i know i'm right but go for it...talk to you people later (most of you will be like "holy shit, way too long *goes to next person's journal*)

If I put all of the comments I had in here, this would be as long as your entry...so this is what I will say...I am glad that you have the balls to stand up for what you believe in, alot of ppl out there dont. Dont ever change that, the only thing that might help....a lil more liency against others opinions...Ok and yes it was LONG, but I read it all so ppffffft
» IAMSAM77 on 2005-02-03 07:42:06

Oh but I love you anyways Kollin!
"i am open minded...just in the very begining...once i make up my mind on something, the chances of me changing my mind are very low" Wow that is a great quote right there hahahahaha
» Zig_Justice on 2005-02-03 08:06:38

i'm not seeing a problem with that quote?...i consider both sides of the arguement...thats being open minded...once i feel both sides have made their case and there isn't too much else to add onto it, i make my decision and stick with it...thats being open minded...the war in iraq has been going on for a while...i've made my decision and i'm sticking by it...same with all of the other issues i mentioned
» Kollin6618 on 2005-02-03 08:17:16

Well you basically said that if you make up your mind, that it is practically impossible to change your mind. Seems like that would be close minded eh?
» Zig_Justice on 2005-02-03 08:31:25

theres way to much there for me to take the time to read.. but.. sounds like fun i suppose.. and yes, flag football is one of the best things
» AustinSoty on 2005-02-03 08:50:21

well like i said, once both sides have made their case and there isn't too much to add to it, then i make my decision and stick with it...now if something huge came up and totally blew the other side out of the water, then obviously i would change my mind...you can call me closed minded thats fine...but before i make my decisions, i'm open to any and all views...thats not to say i ignore any comments not in favor of my opinion down the road...all i'm saying is that in order to change my opinion on something, it takes a great deal...and i know Ashley was trying to say something along the lines of me being totally wrong because i'm closed minded...well i've told you how i'm not closed minded...and thats nice she can bring up issues like slavery and electricity but who's to say i would be for slavery and against electricity in their time periods? Besides which, i think i've made very strong arguements as to why i believe these things, don't you? There comes a time when you have to make a decision on something...i don't like waivering the whole time...going back and forth...i like to make up my mind on something and i like sticking by it...i don't see a problem with that.
» Kollin6618 on 2005-02-03 09:38:17

*rub head* your entry made my head hurt, but it was interesting...I think your'e very stubborn, but I knew that already, and so am I, so I can't really condemn you for that. Your arguments are very strong, but there are still issue I disaree with you about, like the aborion one. If a woman is raped and get pregnant she should have the the choice to abort it or keep it...I'm fairly sure I'd abort.
» KatnicityAnnToTheMax on 2005-02-03 10:18:34

Holy fuck Kollin... Look what you did... You got everybody yelling and screaming at you... LoL... Such a long entry... Personally, Kollin should go into Politics...Seriously.... Im not even joking here... I agree on somethings you have written on this entry and I have some disagreements as well BUT, I'm not even gonna like go there ya know.. Like write them down... Gawd such a headache... LoL... The one Issue about the abortion... I can never picture myself aborting a child that I have made... I mean that's unfair... If you didn't wanna get pregnant you should have realized that there are other ways of NOT getting pregant.. I.E. Condoms, Birth Control.. Etc..etc.. Idunno but I think that's just wrong... Aborting a child.. *rawr* what's wrong with you fuckin' people.... *shakes my head* I can't even picture it... Aborting another human being growing inside of you... As I said before that's just wrong
» Such_A_Babeh_Face on 2005-02-04 08:30:56

personally, i do agree with most of what you said. and as far as superpowers being open-minded is concerned. well, that is how they were destroyed. i mean, look at greece, rome, england, france, japan, germany, china, russia, etc. they all decided that they were going to be open-minded and help the people have whatever they wanted. which led to the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. cause we must all admit that it is easier for those with money to get what they want. and that led to problems that could only be cured by dictatoship or heirarchy or communism. and then all those nations crumbled. some never to rise again, some to be dismantled, some to be armyless, and some to have to recover ever so slowly from their ruins. and the u.s. is headed in the came direction. hate to tell you kids, but america has long since passed it peak in every area. we are on the downfall, and it won't be long before our liberal government controls everything in an attempt to make everyone happy. now, i'm not talking 1984 or anything, i'm just saying, things are going to get bad in this country before they can ever get better. and i predict it starts getting really bad shortly after greenspan dies and the market gets screwed. and therefore i'm moving to brazil to get rich and then to the uk cause they have there shit together at the moment. and then to live in a villa in the middle of nowhere spain. it'll be great. sorryto be so long and brutally honest, but history does repeat itself.
» ladyeyeliner on 2005-02-05 02:21:19

and i thought she wasn't going to comment on my entry lol
» Kollin6618 on 2005-02-05 02:55:22

HmMmMmM should i make a new entry or not? If no one replies to this i guess i'll just not make another one.
» Kollin6618 on 2005-02-08 07:04:23

marijuana is just like alcohol...dont be a fool about it and sit down and smoke yourself retarted and youll be fine,,,drink lots in one sitting youll get all sick... just gotta moderate yourself on the smoking..and youll do fine....pot dont do much harm,.....LEGEALIZE IT ...be the best thing ever
» Eric on 2005-02-09 10:21:45

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