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My Birthday, Valentines Day, Other Thoughts
Tuesday. 2.1.05 11:06 pm
I hate texas...okay i'm done, thats your entry...alright well i hate the weather...my day was very boring...some people piss me off...i need to get my shit together on some things...and Madden NFL 2005 on "All-Madden" level cheats!

My Day: Damn Car
Well i had an okay day...got my happy ass up at 9 am to go to class...9:45 i get in my car and guess what? won't start...so for 20 minutes i fuck with it and nothing...it starts and dies immediately...and you know, you can push down on the gas and it'll keep it going a little while you're in park but once you let go it dies...so i tried kinda revving it up and throwing it into reverse...worked until i had to brake and go into drive and then it died...did the same when i revved it up, threw it into drive and then stopped for a short time...dead...i didn't feel like doing that at every light and stop sign to the college...so i called my dad and he's like "yeah i'll give you a ride just give me a few minutes"...about 2 hours later he shows up...so i took the day off...i know, its horrible, i was forced to take the day off on my birthday...if i would have known my fucking car wasn't going to start i would have slept another 4 hours...oh well...when my dad came home he did the same thing with the revving it up and throwing it into reverse and drive and of course it worked for him...piece of shit...so i guess i just have to keep fucking with it until it works...the conclusion we came to was that its the gas that i got on sunday...the car worked perfectly up until i got gas...can't wait until tomorrow morning...exciting!

Middle part of my day
so i pretty much waited in the living room for my dad to get home and watched TV...then i went in my room when it was decided i wasn't going to school and played some ps2...i really didn't want to miss class today...ugh...pretty much did that until it was time to leave for dinner...well, my brother called me and said his wife is in the hospital with gall stones or whatever...i guess she has to have surgery and everything for that...oh and whats my birthday the anniversary for? the space shuttle colombia explosion...kinda weird cuz my aunt's birthday is on 9/11...but yeah boring middle there

Dinner and now
We went to Salt Grass...steakhouse...had my usual meal there...ah tis good...24 oz porterhouse steak, baked potatoe, salad with rach, bread, cheesecake...what a great meal..."hit the spot" you could say...also had two beers...which i wasn't carded...surprisingly...its not like i look my age...i probably look 17ish...its funny because my brother gets carded all the time and he's 29...i don't really like beer that much...i consider it on the same level as water...it doesn't taste good, doesn't taste bad either...but you know, alcohol and your 21st birthday go together...and no i did not get wasted tonight...i don't mind maybe drinking some and getting tipsy and all...if its something i enjoy drinking...but really i don't have a strong desire for drinking...i'd rather have dr. pepper lol...the last two times i got "wasted" ended up in me having two extremely bad hangovers...we won't go there...so i really don't desire going through that again...getting "tipsy" you might say is fine every once in a while but i don't feel the need to get trashed...and for a beer, Heiniken (however you spell that) is not bad...better than the other beers i've tried...coors light tasted like shit...miller light wasn't bad but makes me birp constantly lol...bud light was decent...what other beers have i had...thats probably it...so not bad...now i'm sitting in front of a screen typing

People who remembered my birthday
Well thank you...i appreciate you remembering my birthday...when it comes close to your birthdays, i probably won't get the date right, just remind me often...i usually get the general area of your birthdays though...see some of you give me shit about this but at least i get the general area...i should be given credit there...a couple of you forgot my birthday...for some i can understand cuz i don't talk to you that often and we're not close...for a couple others, you could at least remember the general area assholes!...its okay though...a couple of them, i actually spent money on them for their birthday but they forgot my birthday completely...which, trying not to get detailed here about them, in some ways is understandable but if you still consider me a friend, i don't think its too much to ask for you to remember the general area here...one was like "ohh i feel horrible i'm sorry" when i mentioned it...meh eat shit, i spent money on you!...and february first really isn't hard to remember...its okay though...i can move on from that...assuming i still talk to you by the time your birthday comes around, you can eat shit cuz not only am i not going to give you anything, but i'm not going to say happy birthday to you...i'm not big on my birthday...and i don't like going nuts over it...but a simple happy birthday and actually remembering my birthday can go a long way...i don't like surprises, i don't like to make a huge big deal of it...and although very nice, i'm not big on people giving me gifts other than my parents of course...why? i dunno...i'll be honest...partially, PARTIALLY, because i probably don't wanna feel like i have to get you something lol...for the most part its like "well what have i done for you for me to really deserve this gift"...i dunno, we don't need to do the whole gift thing here...a girlfriend, and family...gifts from those are well you know, expected...well depending how long i've been with the girlfriend...if its not that long then don't worry about it...maybe its just cuz i'm a guy...so i refused to give my address to a couple of friends i know online...one i've known for like 3 years...the other i've only known for a short time...i'm sure they think i'm an ass for doing that, and maybe you think that too, but you don't need to give me anything...just remember the general area and i'm happy with you...i don't wanna sound like an asshole here? and really its not that big of a deal either way on these things...i don't like going nuts for birthdays...today was alright

A couple people actually surprised me...one of my friends who in the past year i've hardly talked to actually came online and said happy birthday...impressive...another has been really busy lately and i haven't talked to her in like two weeks but she called me up and said happy birthday...impressive...one i try talking to whenever i can but she's been really busy too and we don't talk that much and we really don't know eachother THAT well but she made an effort to come online for a split second and say happy birthday to me...impressive...now if these three can do it, certainly the two or so people who forgot who i've known for quite some time can at least remember the general area here...its not this big of a deal...i'm making it out to be a big deal but its really not that big of a deal...but those three i mentioned impressed me...especially the third one...wasn't expecting it and it was sweet of you...moving on!

What i got
I got a receiver and a round trip ticket to anywhere in the US...okay, not that i'm saying my birthday presents suck, and not that i'm saying i don't like them, i'm just never really impressed with what i get for my birthday...they're usually things i need...3 years in a row i got a coat for my birthday...although very nice, and something i needed at the time, its not something i really want for my birthday...last year i got a desk chair...i don't want to sound ungrateful...well i probably do sound it...but i dunno...the round trip ticket would have been useful maybe last year or the year before i dunno...what am i gonna do? go see my brother? i do that every year anyways...the receiver...well its a great receiver...one little tiny problem though...i have no speakers...just depending on the sound of my TV...which right now i don't need speakers...but that also means i don't need the receiver...the only thing it does is a) make it so i don't have to reach a foot and a half to unplug and plug cables to switch from DVD to PS2 and b)take up space...got $50 from my grandmother...guess i should write her a thank you note...i always forget that too...and i always feel awful when i'm sitting there like a month later and i'm like "hmm shit, didn't say thank you for the money and card"...most likely i won't spend the money but save it...who knows...depending, i wanna get a couple new shirts...hair cut eventually...maybe a CD or two will come out that i want...we'll see...and of course i got a bunch of happy birthdays...i appreciate it...i may not sound all enthusiastic or anything but i appreciate it

See thats the thing with me...i never know how to act when given a gift...maybe thats also a reason why i don't like people giving me gifts...cuz i don't know how to react...i may absolutely love it but still not seem enthusiastic about getting it...like with my parents giving me stuff...i usually pick it up, check it out, and say "thanks"...done deal...well they take that as "ohhh he didn't like it and he's ungrateful"...so then they bug the shit out of me for at least a couple weeks afterwards asking "so do you like it?" blah blah blah...if i didn't like it, i wouldn't have said yes the first time you asked!!!...then my mom will be like "your father doesn't think you like the gift, you need to show you like it"...i'm just not the kind to get all happy, jumpy and "WOW I LOVE THIS! THIS IS AMAZING! WHAT AN AWESOME GIFT! THANK YOU SO MUCH" when it comes to this...yeah maybe that is why i don't like people giving me gifts...huh...usually at christmas and on my birthday i try pulling the "oh i just woke up so i'm extremely tired and thats why i'm not jumping up and down happy right now"...i like the receiver, i like the plane ticket, thank you, now go away lol

Valentines Day
I have a few thoughts about this day...i'm not like totally against it or anything but it is a bull shit holiday...its pretty much sending out the message that this is one of the only days of the year you're suppose to show your affection towards the other person...stuffed animals, balloons, chocolate, cards, jewelry, flowers, etc etc...plus it makes the single people feel like absolute shit...and for some damn reason i'm always one of those single people on this holiday...thats not the point though...in my personal opinion you should be doing this stuffed animals, balloons, chocolate blah blah blah stuff throughout the year...most people would feel obligated to give these things because of this holiday...now is that something you want?...your boyfriend/husband to give you a gift because he has to?...or would you want your boyfriend/husband to give you a gift because he wants to?...not that i'm saying everyone feels they HAVE to give a gift on this day...i'm just saying you know theres a lot of people who are feeling like they have to, they don't want to, they have to...maybe i'm a little different in my thinking, who knows...i personally have no problem giving gifts and such to whoever i'm with...in fact i like doing that...i like seeing whoever i'm with get that smile and get all happy...makes them feel good therefore it makes me feel good...plus these things aren't a surprise or spontaneous on this day...you're expecting it to happen...wouldn't it be better if out of blue your boyfriend gives you flowers for absolutely no reason other than he cares about you and loves to see you happy?...you get what i'm saying?...i bet st. valentine or whatever was probably someone who was like "well shit, i'm not getting anything from the person i like throughout the year so why not make a holiday over this and force them to give me something"...this is why valentine's day is bull shit...yeah the whole hearts and cupid thing can be cute and all but its bull shit...you could argue the same concerning presents on christmas...cuz really, what are we celebrating here? the giving and receiving of presents? no you moron, the birth of christ...shouldn't we be doing these things throughout the year without feeling forced to?...i hear it all the time, especially coming from myself "ugh shit, i forgot to get a present for this person"...isn't that what birthdays are for?...i'm not saying i don't enjoy christmas and the gifts, i do...and i'm not saying i wouldn't enjoy valentines day, i would...i'm just saying that holiday and the gifts in christmas are absolute forced bull shit...now being with someone i'd not only love giving things on valentines day but i'd love giving similar things throughout the year...but i believe i've proved my point when i say that valentines day is a bull shit holiday...i personally would rather give that beautiful expensive necklace or whatever it may be to the person i care about sometime throughout the year when they don't expect it...the reaction would be much better don't you think?...but i guess i'm different because i would do these things...i like giving things to the person i care about...and i wouldn't limit this gift giving to just a few days of the year...gift giving should be something you're willing or more than willing to do and it should come at a time that you want it to...my opinion, take it or leave it...like i said though, if valentines day rolls around and i have someone to share it with it, i'll be more than happy to give her things and shower her with my affection, i'll still believe valentines day is a bull shit holiday

Madden NFL 2005
Okay so "all pro" level wasn't a challenge for me...so i bumped it up to the hardest level "all madden"...which i'm 3-0 so far...but its very frustrating...lots of missed tackles, dropped passes, bad passes, etc etc...now i'm fine with a game being challenging...i'm all for it...but the game doesn't need to obviously cheat in the process...nevertheless, i still kick ass on this level too...i was killing teams on all pro like 60 - 14...here i'm only winning like 24 - 7...we'll see...doing good so far!...i'm the master at this game...i think the only reason why all madden level pisses me off is because i demand perfection...dropped pass, you just pissed me off...stopped for no gain, you just pissed me off...giving the opposition's RB 8 yards, you just pissed me off...i demand perfection...but again, i am the master and the master always wins!

Alright, alright i know you people skip over this one...you'll only have to go through this another couple of weeks...super bowl and then pro bowl...jerks

Dating, Seeing, Going Out With
Okay...dating is not too serious...you're just going to movies and out to dinner stuff like that occassionally and its not too serious...you could go start dating other people in the process wouldn't matter all that much...going out with someone means you're boyfriend/girlfriend...aparently "seeing" someone means they're "fuck buddies" you might say...correct me if i'm wrong in my terminology here...dating is fine, going out with is fine, i'm not all that big on the idea of "seeing" someone...now i'll admit that i'm a very horny virgin male here but i still don't like this idea...why?...because sex should have meaning here people...it should be with someone you care about, maybe even love...not some friend you don't even think of in that kinda way...i'm against it...and people who do this whole "fuck buddies" kinda thing, well my respect for you has been lowered...if you're really that horny either find someone you truely care about to have sex with or go masturbate...it may surprise you but i have been in the position to have sex with someone...why did i not have sex? because i didn't think of the girl that way...i saw her as a friend...therefore the sex would have been meaningless...sure i may complain from time to time about being a virgin but i'm not gonna find someone to be "fuck buddies" with...i'd rather have sex with someone i truely care about...and i want it to mean something...yes corny but i feel this way

Being 21
Well theres a few thoughts...its nice to be able say i can legally drink, even if i don't really drink but once or twice a year...makes me feel good though...that whole "you're not old enough" kinda thing or that "you're a minor" kinda thing is lifted off of my shoulders...so pretty much, i can legally do whatever you can do and there isn't a damn thing you can say about it...i'm not ecstatic about turning 21 but i'm slightly more than content about it.

*sighs* i dunno what else to write...i mean i could go on about other things but you've probably heard some of them...theres a fair amount of issues that come up that i can go on and on about over and over again...but i won't subject you to that...besides i think 5 pages is a decent sized entry...so enjoy and to those of you who said happy birthday to me, i appreciate it...TTFN taw taw for now (whats that from!??!)

well i wasn't saying valentines day is horrible or anything it just gives off a certain impression that i don't particularly like...i'm sure if i wasn't single i'd enjoy the holiday just as much as anyone...and Katness, i'm not worrying about being single, i just wanted to share my view on the holiday
» Kollin6618 on 2005-02-02 10:40:33

Just wanted to thank you for your comment... wow 800 CDs huh (: I barely have 100... and happy belated birthday
» bluetopaz on 2005-02-02 06:05:08

I have a question for you... how can you manage to get all your thoughts down? I meen I type all I know how to put down but still i have what 1 maybe 2 paragraphs for my weblogs. How do you manage to write so much? Ok I'm done asking questions. Byez
» Visous_Feline_4ever on 2005-02-02 07:29:06

lol i have a lot of thoughts...i know it looks long but i could easily make my entries twice as long with the thoughts in my head...in fact, thinking can keep me up quite late at night...takes me sometimes 2 hours to get to sleep because of it...when that happens i'll usually come on here and make an entry...helps to get these things out
» Kollin6618 on 2005-02-02 11:54:29

Damn it Kollin.
Tell me when you update. Now I had to read this, and next that seven page entry after this! I'm sorry people didn't remember your birthday. My dad forgets mine all the time. He also forgets every other event in which he should call me and say something nice... Jenna forgot my birthday too, and shes my best friend. Its obvious when it needs to be excused like that though, lol, Jenna is just crazy.

And yay, you had beer! lol.
I like holidays when you get to buy people gifts. It gives me a good excuse to spend my every dime on those I care about. If I spent all my money on people every day of the year like I do at Christmas, I'd live on the street with a hoe named Trina... I do see what you mean about how forced it is though...I can think of certain people who I didn't want to buy for but I felt like I was forced to buy for, (step family). Ah well.
» AshleyEverhart on 2005-02-03 07:16:20

lmao i like the "I'd live on the street with a hoe named Trina"...and Jenna is crazy haha...yes i had beer!
» Kollin6618 on 2005-02-03 07:43:02



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