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Short 3 & a half page entry...sorry its not 5 - 10
Thursday. 1.20.05 5:04 pm
Hmm...well not really an interesting week...but theres always time to complain about something, right?...exactly...by the way, does anyone find the whole three dots thing annoying?...i was actually laying in bed thinking "hmm you know, nobody really does that except me"...so let me know if it does...and in case you're wondering, i don't do the dots thing on essays or reports or letters for that matter...so onto my first subject!

So i happen to watch this one show...i don't know why...maybe its cuz theres nothing on TV when i get home or something...I usually come home, check and see if theres anything in the kitchen in terms of food...then i sit down in front of the TV and eat...what's usually on is Two Guys and a Girl...if you've seen Blade Trinity or whatever, the other guy besides Snipes is the guy in this show...and the woman who walked out on Jim Carrey in Me, Myself, and Irene...but yeah, its always on this channel called WE...my mom had it on, its a funny show, i use to watch it a long time ago so i started watching it again...so i start noticing the commercials really suck and everytime they show a clip for a movie the movie is a chick flick...really bad chick flicks...i guess i really don't pay attention that much but my mom walks in the room and i'm like "mom...besides this show, this channel is horrible...its like Lifetime, just a bunch of chick flick crap...the commercials are horrible and so are the movies...whats with this?"...she's like "umm thats because the channel is called Women's Entertainment"...i'm like "ohh i thought it was just W-E...didn't think that meant something"...really sad...good show, horrible channel

242 Nightmare
God i hate this road...so i'm leavin the college and i pull onto 242...of course around this time theres always a little traffic...and of course, for no damn reason other than people being idiots...this time was worse...i shit you not, at least 6 dump trucks/concrete trucks are driving down this road...now you would think they would all get in one lane and not be assholes...thats not how it works in Texas...not only did they not get in one lane but two times they were all side by side...meaning? meaning nobody can pass them, you're just screwed until one of them decides to speed up and get past the other one...this really pisses me off beyond belief...so i get behind one of these assholes thats side by side...i'm inching my way down the road...finally one of them shows enough space to pass the other one...i of course step on it and get around...first i'm thinking "finally! fuckin jackass's!...what happens? another pair of fuckin dump trucks...only this time its like theres a dump truck and a car behind it in the left lane...on the right lane, theres a dump truck but its a little bit behind the car...so i'm thinking "okay, not a problem, the car will pass the truck when it gets the chance"...so finally the dump truck on the right is side by side with me...the woman has plenty of space to pass it...does she? no...stupid bitch just sits there behind the dump truck...finally the dump truck turns left, the dumb bitch speeds up a little and i pass them...i'm like "ughhh!!!! if i wasn't so nice i'd honk at you and flip you off you stupid bitch!!"...home free, right? no...getting down towards the end of 242 around 1488 theres ANOTHER dump truck in my lane...i can't pass it cuz its too close to the intersection...red light, behind the dump truck...i'm not the only guy behind him...i'm like 3 cars back...light turns green...we all turn right...well because i'm dealing with Texas drivers, only one car passes the dump truck...leaving me stuck behind the damn thing...not a long stretch of road but i'm very impatient...i finally get to my turn and things are fine from there...what is it with you stupid assholes!!...slow lane, fast lane, learn it!!!!...don't go side by side and piss everyone off...you should be fuckin ticketed for that crap!!!...the speed limit is not 45, its 55!!!...god...slow assholes should be in one lane, not both and certainly not side by side!!

So i started the whole applications process last night...totally forgot about it until Jessica reminded me...i really wasn't expecting anyone to remind me but she did which is good...i did the texas common application or whatever for 3 colleges...Sam Houston State University, University of Texas at Austin, and Baylor University...i'll apply to a couple others just in case i don't accepted to any of those...Sam Houston is all done...application sent, transcript sent, paid for...UT transcript sent, application turned in but i have to pay for it and i have to do the billion essays...Baylor transcript sent, application sent, but i have to pay and send some health form...i wasn't originally going to apply to Baylor but i don't see why not...the business section looked good online...i know, its a christian university but i don't have a problem with that cuz i am one...probably expensive as hell...two words "student loans"...i'm fucked either way with that so might as well get a good education from a damn good school...same with UT...Sam Houston i don't think would be as bad...see now when you're transfering, usually they look for around a 2.5 GPA and like 24 to 30 credit hours...well i have something like a 3.45 GPA and well over 40 credit hours...so i think, i think i'm okay...we shall see...other colleges i'm considering would be...pete said something about Texas Christian University...thats in Fort Worth i believe...possibly Texas State University (i believe thats what they renamed Southwest Texas State or whatever)...friend of mine goes there...so i dunno...either way, i'll be too far away to live at home...now with Sam, i believe its only an hour away...BUT not living at home doesn't sound too terribly bad...yeah i'd miss it and everything but the parents are really annoying...and i'm tired of being talked to like i'm 13 from my mom...ah if only i had money...i know i'll get student loans and everything will work out...when i get out of college, i'll have 15 years to pay them off...i'm certainly afraid of what that might cost...but looking on the bright side, at least 2ish years of my college education is paid off...so not so bad...we'll see...hopefully i'll get accepted to one of those colleges...i'm worrying

I only got about 5 hours of sleep last night cuz i wanted to do the applications...next time i'm up semi late during the week, someone remind me that 5 hours of sleep REALLY doesn't work...i'm tired no matter what amount of sleep i get but i don't need to make the situation worse...i go from "my god its too early in the morning i think i'm going to die" tired to "i'm a zombie" tired to "hmm i'm somewhat there" tired...then i'm kinda awake...for about an hour or two...then i go back to being really tired cuz well i only got 5 hours of sleep...around the times of 10ish or 11 tonight i'll be wide awake for about an hour or two and go back to being tired again...but its thursday...and my thursdays are actually my fridays...meaning i can sleep in and i have a nice three day weekend

This Weekend
Okay, heres i'm planning on doing...Friday Pete is going up to Sam Houston so i shall be going with him...when i get back i'll just be lazy...Saturday i'll watch football of course...i'd really like to get a hair cut but keep in mind, that requires me actually getting off my ass and putting in the effort...i'll get it done eventually...usually something has to happen for me to actually give a shit and get it done...i need to buy some new shirts too...i have, if i'm lucky, $70 between whats in my checking acount and whats in my wallet...maybe i can get my parents to give me some money...sunday i'll watch more football...come on now, do you honestly think i'd miss the AFC and NFC Championships?...other than that, nothing planned really

You know how you mess with the settings on your monitor to make the screen look good on all sides?...so it was a little off the other day...usually i don't notice it but it was really bugging me...probably because i was tired and grouchy...when i'm that way, everything bugs me...so i tried fixing it...bad idea...i messed with it to where it was just worse...took me like an hour just to get it to look decent...its still bugging me though...it looks okay i guess...but yeah, very much a pain in the ass...theres a button on there that says "reset"...so i'm thinking "ohh wouldn't that be cool if i could press that and it would make the screen perfect"...didn't happen...oh well, just don't look too closely at it Kollin, you'll go insane

My Room
I can never win with this...its either too hot, too cold, or both...i say both because while 90% of me is too hot, my feet and hands are too cold...thats happened several times...can't stand it...when its hot outside, its really hot in my room...when its cold outside, its really cold in my room...when its decent outside it can go either way in here...usually too hot...really drives me nuts cuz i can walk into the living room and it feels 20 degrees hotter or colder...its actually quite nice...step into my room, shitty...i've done the whole open the window thing but its too annoying...not only are there too many annoying sounds that come from outside, i have to deal with the smell when the sprinklers come on...its not just water, its shit water...literally...somehow thats how that all works with the sprinklers...i dunno who thought of that but the person should be shot...so i'll be sitting in my room with window open and then be like "*sniff* god damn sprinklers...smells like shit!!" and lately i haven't been able to close the damn window all the way so i smell it every time...really pisses me off...i'd try the whole open my door thing to let some of the air out but a) doesn't really work and b) dogs get in here and create chaos...especially bandit...if she sees my door open, she immediately makes her way over there...i strongly dislike that dog...so i'm screwed with that

What i was going to say
What i was really going to put in this entry was my view on a couple issues...i may still do that later on but i dunno about now...i'm at 3 pages on Word...besides which, theres maybe one person who would most likely agree with me on these issues...so pretty much, i'd be bugging you with them, then you'd come bug me about them then i'd have to complain in here some more...i dunno if i'm up to that at the moment...maybe when i'm more awake

I think i'm going to submit this entry and play some ps2...maybe lay down and nap...i'm quite tired...we'll see...i'm sorry if its not the usual 5 to 10 pages...being tired does that to me...you'll just have to settle for 3 and a half pages...for those of you who read my entries a) if you don't comment, you should and b) thanks for reading them...hopefully my entries are entertaining and somewhat funny...i try going for that...but i'm sure this one kinda sucks just cuz i'm tired...i shall make it up over my 3 day weekend...talk to you people later

Hey cole....well, i kinda commented to u in IM's as i read, but anyway....the whole dot thing doesn't bother me, I dot, Brad dots, most pople on message boards and in chatrooms dot, everyone dots cole. And the whole heat in my rom bothers me too, it's th largst bedroom in the house, so when it's cold, my room's freezing and when it hot, my room's hot,cos t gets direct sunlight. I usually open my door at night, when i sleep, so it's bearable, try it. Hmmm...what else? I have no idea what u were tlking bout with ure screen, luckily, otherwise mine would be pissing me off by now too! I don't see what ure problem i with 5 ours sleep, considering u usualy survive on less....Ican deal wth it, it's easy, i'm just dog tired fo like the first 3 o 4 hours after wake up, then i'm fine. Cole, u really should ge a haircut, a decent one, get OFF ure ass and go get one! ok....ummm....done!
» kat ( on 2005-01-20 06:43:42

Yeah you, Ash, and me, Sam Houston, tomorrow at 12. Don't be late! Hmm you should really get your monitor set as close to perfect as you can get, and lock it (if your monitor can lock). Or just don't mess with it. Reseting it takes it back to the factory defaults... which are usually horrible... so don't do that.
» Zig_Justice on 2005-01-20 09:16:46

ur entry's frikken long! and that WE thing..thats funny. pwahhaha. and that sucks bowt all those big trucks& stuff. so i see ur applying to colleges..gOod luck!! stressed out at all? well ne way, thanks for the comment. yeah, no1 really comments on my shiit no more =( and jes for the record..i ended up nott wearing a skirt cuz it looked cold outside. oh well. i'll wear it nextime.
» your_punkrock_princess on 2005-01-21 07:19:30

Update Cole!
Cooole, ever since I started my weblog, you've been telling me to update all the time, I really think it's your turn now :(
» KatnicityAnnToTheMax on 2005-01-22 07:09:54

who's cole?
wow, that was shockingly shorter than normal. i have enough time to read the whole and comment this time :P PS. TCU sucks!
» ladyeyeliner on 2005-01-23 12:45:26

for some odd reason she calls me cole instead of kollin...weird girl haha
» Kollin6618 on 2005-01-23 02:47:14

It's just a nickname I gave him 2 years ago, is all. :p to Cole, I'm NOT weird!
» KatnicityAnnToTheMax on 2005-01-23 10:19:52

Yeah, i think im getting my way.. hopefully, it will work. haha, spelling errors.. you mean the word "fukc?" i kinda type it that way cuhs i think it seems a bit better... the REAL spelling of that bad word jus makes me feel weird. lol
» Sha_Sha on 2005-01-30 10:18:40

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