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Random Crap
Tuesday. 1.18.05 4:22 pm
Two entries in one day...insane...i could write like a 2 thousand page book with nothing but complaining...by the way, if you see a lot of typos in this entry, don't be surprised...the last time i slept was quite a while ago so bare with me here

My Day
Well i went to class today...History 2, Government, and Macro-Economics...doesn't seem too terribly complicated...of course i say that now...wait until later...maybe its the lack of sleep thats talking...anyways, it went well...doesn't seem like i have to do an extreme amount of homework...all three classes i believe require a presentation...that would be where i completely lose it...i get embarrassed, start sweating, then i can't talk right etc...i'll survive

So within 5 minutes of each class, every professor had told the class whether they are a democrat, republican, libertarian...kinda funny cuz in my first class, the professor is a libertarian...second class, liberal democrat...third class, conservative republican...weird...i didn't particularly like what the liberal democrat had to say...he kinda had this attitude and said "who here is a republican?" and probably a third of the class, including myself, raised their hands...then he said "oh, well i guess i won't bash bush then"...he said it in such a way that it was like he was saying "well, you're republicans, absolute skum of the earth, i'm much better than you"...i felt insulted...but thats fine, you can have your opinion asshole...heres a thought, why don't you try teaching instead of being a shithead?...i don't have a problem with you being a liberal democrat but when you show me that kind of attitude i don't particularly like it...the same would go for a conservative republican...i know bashing bush is the in thing but don't you think we hear enough of it? i don't think we need to hear it in the classroom...by asking "who here is a republican?" and seeing his attitude, i started thinking "well shit, i'm sure my grade in this class will go to the crapper"...you shouldn't even be asking that especially since its just economics...i can understand asking that in government but economics?...don't be an ass, keep that shit to yourself...neither the libertarian nor the republican took that kind of attitude...and neither asked what everyone was...i'm fine with it though...i have no problem telling you what i am...and if you're gonna be like that, you can kiss my ass...if that little asshole starts getting into this whole bush bashing thing i'll certainly have something to say about it...i know, i don't talk, but thats a very easy way to piss me off and if you shove your beliefs in my face enough, i'll have something to say to you...bottom line: its fine if you wanna tell everyone that you're a liberal democrat, but keep the bush bashing to yourself...you don't need to be asking everyone what they are...just do your job asshole and everyone will make it out of this alive

Sometimes i catch my Mom watching these movies on "lifetime, television for women"...these movies really suck...i'm fine with a woman being a badass and killing the bad guy and all but these people go too far...and its the same thing over and over...its always a) the husband or b) some guy who raped her and now she has his baby...and in the end, after her being all scared and emotional, she somehow gets the courage to shoot and kill the guy...thats all this channel is...that same movie, with different actors each time, being played over and over again...not to mention the fact that every movie has horrible actors and actresses in it...enough already...we get the fact that you love seeing a woman kill a guy, give it a rest

Expanding upon that previous section, movies being shown in theatres with some stick of a girl kicking everyones ass is getting old...she has no muscles yet she's kicking everyone's ass...i don't have anything against females being in that type of role, it just gets old...of course we have to have the terminator chick in Terminator 3...personally, i'd rather see arnold get his ass beat by some big badass lookin guy than some skinny little girl...then the whole Elektra thing now...i don't really think she's a good actress, whoever that is...and i'm sure she goes around kicking everyone's ass...i'm not trying to offend anyone here...i'm just saying a) the girl needs some serious muscle, b) she needs to look more like a badass instead of some model and c) most of the time, the acting is just horrible...and enough already...we get the fact that you want a female to kill guys, give it a rest...get what i'm saying? you're trying to make the model-like girl out to be this total badass when she doesn't even look the part...i guess i'm thinking wrong though...every movie has to have some references to sex and in order to have that, the lead actress has to look like a model...sorry, just figured that out

Sex Sells
Yeah we get the point already...ever seen The Rookie?...i'm not much of a baseball fan but i liked that movie...and you know what? no sex, no references to sex...see, perfectly good movie and you didn't need all of that crap...so why in the world do we need a model-like girl, wearing a very tight outfit beating up arnold in terminator 3? cuz sex aparently sells and aparently people love watching a skinny model beat the crap out of a guy...its fine in some movies, i'm just saying people take it too far here...i thought Charlie's Angels looked really stupid too...i've never actually seen the movie, but come on...like any of those 3 could actually kick someone's ass and handle vehicles like tanks...thats going too far...i do like the James Bond movies...and i guess theres a fair amount of that stuff in there but its much more believable than T3 or Charlie's Angels...its not as extreme as with Terminator 3, Charlie's Angels, Elektra etc...the only reason why they put skinny girls in tight little outfits is cuz they all believe sex sells...but its not very believable and its cheesey which that ruins the movie...pick someone worthy and believable to beat the shit out of arnold...and you know, linda hamilton (i think thats her name), did look like a psycho/kinda badass in the first two movies...so i totally accept that...i'm pretty much just trying to get my point across here without offending anyone...next subject

Okay, we've gone too far here too...whats with guys wearing makeup?...a lot of girls out there wear too much makeup as it is but now theres tons of guys wearing makeup...do girls really find that attractive?...i think, and this is just my personal opinion, the only reason why a guy would wear makeup is for attention...oh look there goes the freak walking down the hallway...no...no no no no no...guys do not need to wear makeup!!!...girls absolutely love the stuff and when they put it on themselvers properly, they can look very beautiful...for centuries guys have not worn make up and life has gone on the way it should...and i'm not saying girls have to wear makeup...i've seen some girls with either very little or no makeup at all and they looked beautiful to me...but you know they love the stuff...its wrong for guys to love it...trust me, the only reason why a guy would put on makeup is to get attention...just stop, throw the makeup away, and try to be like the other 99.8% of the male population

Alright, theres a lot bands out there that really aren't too terribly talented...when it comes to playing the guitar, its quite rare to find someone who actually knows how to use the thing...so you get a lot of bands where all of their songs sound repetative...i'll admit, i like a few of these bands...they mostly rely on the vocals and lyrics...which if you do those two really well and you're only okay at the rest you'll probably have one or two good songs and the rest isn't so great...at the same time though, there are some bands that are decent with everything but lyrics and vocals...its rare to find bands that are good at all areas...these are most likely the bands where you can take the CD, put it into your CD player, and just let it play without skipping a song...i won't list any bands, chances are you already know what i like anyways...but its starting to bug me, this repetative sound...cuz you're thinking "well those two songs were really good but this next one sounds a lot like them...this one does too...so does this one...meh kinda boring"...and you know, theres a lot of bands you can say "well they sound a lot like Nickelback" or something like that...for example Theory of a Deadman...and while Theory of a Deadman sounds good, i'd rather just put in a Nickelback CD if i want that sound...these bands fade away fast...you need to come up with something original...personally, if i was in a band, i'd take it as an insult if someone said "oh they sound a lot like this band"...with a person like me, if i hear the CD and i like it i'll probably get it but if it sounds a lot like something i already have chances are i'll hardly play the CD cuz well, the band that originally sounded like that is the obvious better choice...how often do i listen to Theory of a Deadman? haven't listened to it in probably a year...how often do i listen to Nickelback? once every week and a half, 2 weeks...its starting to get to me though...cuz i put CDs in my little CD case to take with me when i drive...well everything in the little CD case usually consists of those really good bands...CDs like Theory of a Deadman just get passed over and don't make it into the little CD case cuz i can just listen to Nickelback

Damn Good at Madden NFL 2005
I know none of you like football...or at least not as much as i do but i have to get this out...when it comes to playing Madden on ps2, i'm damn good...so the 49ers went 2-14 this season...i decided to play this team and turn it into a super bowl contender...looking at this team from the start, they had a lot of guys below 80 overall (100 being the best...think of it like A's, B's, C's) and hardly any above it...plus they had a lot of very young guys...so by playing this for like 6 hours, i was able to trade for players and sign free agents to get me to greatness...QB 99, RB 87, WR's 87 83 82 78(R), TE 89(R), OL 81(1st year) 86 93 80(R) 85, DL 86 92 90 85, LB's 89 88 84 92, DB's 89 86 86 79(R) 91 92...for those of you who play this game, thats an awesome team right there...not only that, but theres only a couple guys over 5 years in the NFL...AND through trading, i was able to come up with 7 first round draft picks and a high second round pick...am i good or am i good? no, i'm damn good

So i'm sitting at my desk, obviously got to class way early...i'm just watchin people coming in and sitting down...this girl walks in and sits down right in front of me...she totally wreaked of smoke...how do you not know you smell like that?...my god, when its that bad, you need to quit smoking or at least reduce the amount of smoking you do...i was about to die when the girl next to me sprayed some fruity perfume stuff...that worked...not only is it an unattractive thing for someone to be smoking, but its 1000 times worse when you do it so much that you smell like shit...i hate people like that...theres a lot of them out there too...smell like shit cuz of smoking and don't even know it...i know its hard and all but just quit...you'll look better, you'll smell better, and you'll probably live longer

Football Predictions
AFC Championship: New England Patriots (15-2) AT Pittsburgh Steelers (16-1)
Pats have a great running game, decent passing game, good rush defense, and good pass defense...Steelers have a great running game, decent passing game, great rush defense, good pass defense

This is a tough one...what do these two teams have in common? they know how to win...it would be an absolute shame to see one of these teams eliminated...and it really could go either way

The Patriots need to do kinda like what they did to the Colts...they're really good at running and throwing short passes...keep it up...on defense, its all about stuffing the run and putting the ball in the hands of the rookie, Big Ben...Big Ben will make mistakes, its guarenteed...its just a matter of how many times you can get him to make mistakes...the Pats are really good at confusing QB's, that was evident with Peyton Manning...stuff the run, put the game in the hands of Big Ben, do your thing on offense

The Steelers need to do what they have done all season...run run run and pass occassionally...its what they're good at...don't put the game on Big Ben's shoulders, leave it up to the RB's...on defense they need to stuff the run...the Pats have a very good RB in Corey Dillon, don't let them be able to run on you...when it comes to pass defense, just be alert and try to confuse Tom Brady...Brady isn't easily confused and he distributes the ball to several guys very well...just gotta play great defense against him

Both teams are amazing and i wish this was the super bowl because no team in the NFC is better than these two teams but i have to make a pick here...My Pick: Patriots 24 Steelers 21

NFC Championship: Atlanta Falcons (12-5) AT Philadelphia Eagles (14-3)
The Eagles showed no rust against the Vikings last week...i was impressed...the Falcons destroyed the Rams...but this was all expected

The Eagles need to do one thing...stop the running game...Vick, Dunn, Duckett...amazing trio who combined for over 320 rushing yards last week...shut that down and you have yourself a victory...they have a good defense but as long as you use Westbrook, the TE's, and the two WR's to your advantage, its all good...especially Westbrook, he'll be the key here

The Falcons need to do what they do best...run run run...its almost impossible to stop their running game...with passing, TE Alge Crumpler is always there...on defense they need to shut down RB Westbrook...if they do that, McNabb will have to key on his other players and they're not as good as Westbrook

I was very impressed with the Falcons last week...i'd be very tempted to pick them over the Eagles but i think the Eagles are just too hungry for this victory...this is their 4th consecutive NFC Championship appearance...a 4th consecutive loss in this game would be devastating...Eagles will barely pull it off...My Pick: Eagles 31 Falcons 28

I spilled Dr. Pepper on my mouse pad...i'm using a sheet of paper as a mouse pad cuz its an optical mouse and if i don't have the paper there, the laser will hit the sheet of glass on my desk and reflect back causing the cursor to do weird things...i have very thin arms and that drives me nuts...a bug flew in front of my face this morning, 1 minute before i was going to get up and it scared the shit out of me...it was quite cold today which sucks cuz i had to walk a lot outside...i didn't think to bring a jacket...but i'm from Colorado, i can tough it out...i haven't gotten sleep in forever...this is making me very out of it...i need to apply to colleges for transfering...someone remind me to do that tomorrow...i need to pick up the software for my intro to computers class tomorrow morning...someone needs to remind me about that too...i also need to set up my stocks/financial thing my brother gave me...i'll do that tomorrow when i'm not feeling like dying...i also need to call the phone company to see what i need to do to get cable internet...the remote to the TV in the living room stopped working so what do my parents do? come to me about it cuz they think i'm a genius with things they can't figure out...my dog Klondyke loves picking things out of the trash can and chewing them to little bits, this drives me insane...my dog Klancy, is very fluffy and pudgy...i throw him to the ground and mess up his hair and squish him...he loves it...i noticed something...the expensive electronics stuff in my room was either a hand me down or my brother bought them for me...excluding a couple things...i'm not complaining, just thought that was unusual...i went my paypal account last night and discovered i had $34 still in there...exciting, $34 i didn't even know i had...everything in my mini fridge has to be expired by now...i'm afraid of what might be in there...i need notebooks for my classes...i only have one decent one...oh d-d-d-d-dear...i tried Sierra Myst the other day, i liked it...its like a lot more syrupy and lemony than sprite...a nice change...katrina, a friend of mine, is bugging me to finish...i can't believe she actually likes reading my extremely long entries...she's kinda weird though, i won't subject you to her ways (lol jokin)...i think its impossible for my parents not to get pissed off about something in a day...i get frustrated a lot but not pissed...god damnit, its fast food night...which means i have to get off my ass and go get it...i'm so tired...so this is the end

Really long entry about stupid random stuff...i hope you enjoy...whoever you may be

*pokes cole in the eye* Don't tell everyone I'm weird Coooooole! That's just not nice! :( Don't forget to do that transference thingy for ure college ad don't forget to pick up that thingy for ure computer class.
» kat ( on 2005-01-18 09:12:50

;oO Ohhh... what's this... Eva's writing a comment in Kollin's Entry... Muh Gawd... heh... can this be true.. heh... yes tis true... n e ways where the hell is the popcorn when I need it man... you entries are like soooOooooo hillarious and soooOooo entertaining.. heh heh.. keep up tha good work Kollinn.. ;o) Ciaoz'ahh
» Such_A_Babeh_Face on 2005-01-19 01:14:49

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