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Tuesday. 1.4.05 8:34 pm
I've been getting some complaints about my entries being too big...first of all, too bad and second of all, i've broken it down into sections...so, read the sections you want to, comment on them if you wish...you can even read one section and comment then come back later and do the same with a different section...whatever floats your boat.

On-Going Cold
So i've had a cold/sinus infection forever now...or at least it seems like it...its like i get a little better, i start thinking theres hope of this ending, then it gets worse, then it gets a little better etc etc...right now, its getting a little bit worse...i have a runny nose and it feels like i need to sneeze 24/7...someone needs to put me out of my misery here.

Cleaning The Car
So my mom bitches at me all the time about cleaning the car...first of all, they were suppose to give me the car in august, which they did not and i'm sharing it with my mom still...second of all, my mom's addicted to cleaning...so no matter how spotless i can make it look, she'd still bitch it wasn't clean...i would know because i've cleaned it before without her bitching and she complained the same day...so she finally gets "fed up" and both of us go out to clean the car...what happens? the only crap that we clean out of there belongs to her...thats right...what was there that i cleaned up that anything to do with me? simply moving change from one cup holder into the other cup holder...when i get into the car, all i have is CDs, sunglasses, and change...any trash i have, which is rare, i put in a bag on the passenger side...the sunglasses always go back into the glove compartment when i'm done, the change goes into its cup holder, and the CDs come with me into the house...what did she have to clean? she had all kinds of crap in the way back that she got from the day care and she also had more crap in the middle from the daycare...i mean hey, when i get into it, i throw all of her gum wrappers and crap away...my area always looks clean...why do i have to clean up her crap in the back and get bitched at if i don't?...i understand windows needing to be cleaned and maybe a little sweeping inside...that doesn't need to be done that often...she just drives me nuts...i'm going "what mess? the car looks good inside"...we go out there, its all her crap in the back that needs cleaning out

Peace and Quiet and Punishment
So every now and then i go out into the living room and watch the news while i eat dinner...i just wanna sit down, everyone and every animal needs to shut the fuck up, and just watch the TV...no, i can't get that...every single time an issue comes on the news my mom has to talk through the whole thing giving her opinion...one of these days i'm gonna turn around and say "hey i'm tryin to listen here, do you mind?"...then theres Bandit, my dog...the other dogs are fine...they don't whine, they just sit there with their little pouty faces, hoping their cuteness will be enough to get food out of you...Bandit though, my god, i could go on forever...she whines, she picks at herself, she scratches, she walks around constantly, she even barks sometimes...someone please take the damn dog!!...not to mention that she sits in my chair all the time...thats MYYYYY chair...nobody sits in it, only i do...i put a step stool in it so no dog can sit in it...what do my parents do? let Bandit into my chair...so she can pick, scratch, whine, and generally smell like shit in my chair...making the chair smell like shit...i've gotten into a routine with it but i'm tired of it...i take side covers off, the pillow off, and the towel on the seating part off (my mom puts towels on the chair, don't ask me why)...still, the chair smells like shit...but this generally ruins my dinner...what'll really make it worse is when at that precise moment that i show up in the living room to eat, they put in a movie...a DVD...which is fine but because my dad is so damn def, he has to have the volume on full blast...the walls literally shake, objects literally fall to the ground...being outside, you can hear that he's playing a DVD...and they wonder why i hardly ever eat out there or watch a movie with them

I like peace and quiet sometimes you know?...especially in the morning (or most times in my case, afternoon)...its just generally nice, peace and quiet...but usually the only time i can get that is if i'm home alone...we got movies going, my mom cleaning the house 12 hours a day, the dogs whining and picking...on and on...Bandit doesn't pick, whine, or scratch nearly as much as when my parents are home...she knows she can get away with it then...with me, oh no, you will get punished if you don't obey me...i'm not mean or anything...i say "bandit stop"...she doesn't listen...i say "BANDIT! STOP!"...she doesn't listen...i walk up to her "BANDIT!!!! STOP!!!!"...still, no listening...then i have to beat her ass which then, she listens...we're at the point where most times all i have to do is make an attempt to get up and she stops...but she doesn't do it as often when only around me...when i have food, she never whines...never...but when the parents are around, alllllll the time...its not abuse or anything...simply physically letting the dog know thats the wrong thing to do...nothing bad enough to hurt it, just let it know

Same could go if you had a kid...you spank the kid, is the kid gonna do it again most likely? no...the kid will think "hmm i just got my ass beat for doing that, maybe i shouldn't do that again"...i got spanked when i was little...most times i learned my lesson...if you're gonna be all "now johnny, we don't do that", johnny's gonna indirectly tell you to shove it up your ass and do it again because johnny isn't gonna get spanked...am i right? of course i'm right...i don't see the problem with spanking...not hard, mind you...later on when they're glued to a TV or game system, then you threaten to take that away...see it works...a dog won't listen, spank it, it'll learn...the only problem with Bandit is that she only learned not to do it while only i'm around...creates a problem because i slowly go insane when she starts picking and whining and won't stop no matter what you do...now if she was only around me i'd 1) get one of those tube things dogs wear when they get neutured and you don't want them to lick themselves and 2) if she whines and won't listen, she'll spend the next hour outside or in another room...it would work...actually, i'd just sell her, or pay someone to take her if that doesn't work

I have a real problem with noises...i seriously do...i guess my hearing just really picks up on these sounds and it bugs the shit outta me...thats why i love peace and quiet...none of these damn noises...a vacuum, birds chirping, bug noises, dogs whining, picking, chewing with your mouth open, the sound of something being poured into a glass, i can go on and on...i can't stand it...most people can ignore it...i can't

Football Stuff (skip if you must):
So onto other news...the Broncos made it to the playoffs...ah what a great thing...the feeling of victory...i'm happy as long as they make it to the playoffs...sometimes i'll settle for a winning record...under mike shannahan, the coach, the broncos have only had one losing season...the coach has been around for a while too...something like 10 or 11 seasons...thats pretty damn good...and they got two super bowl wins under him...there were some rumors that the Broncos were going to get rid of him but then they extended his contract...which was smart...why would you get rid of a coach that has given you 10 out of 11 non-losing seasons plus two super bowl championships? exactly, you wouldn't...now in the next 1-3 years, his jobs gonna depend on the development of quarterback jake plummer...i know whats wrong with the QB...see he was playing for the Cardinals for like 6 seasons...most of you are thinking "theres a team called the cardinals?"...exactly, they sucked...Plummer didn't have decent players around him so he always felt he had to carry the team into victory...when losing, he'd make stupid mistakes like throw interceptions because of this pressure...so he gets released and we pick him up...he gets put in there and he looks great...except every now and then he makes stupid mistakes because he's still in that "i have to carry this team" kinda attitude...so he's throw something like 20 INT's and 27 TD's...you just gotta keep pounding it into his head that you can pull out victories from being behind without feeling like you have to carry the whole team...he has a lot of good players around him...just gotta be calm and wait for the right moments...which i think, probably next year, if not then the year after next, he'll be one of the best QB's out there...i'm telling you, this is John Elway part 2 right here...a Broncos Super Bowl is not that far in the future

Now lets talk about my predictions for the first round of the playoffs...Wild card round: Chargers VS Jets...Jets have lost 3 of 4 going into the playoffs this year, the Chargers have won 11 of 13...its in San Diego...Chargers win it...Colts VS Broncos...Broncos killed the Colts' B-team in week 17 but unless everyone comes out with their A-game, especially Plummer, the Colts got it...Colts win it...Seahawks VS Rams...Rams have beat the Hawks twice this year but its in Seatle and the Seahawks want it more than the Rams...Seahawks win it...Packers VS Vikings...Vikings could really come through but they've lost several games after week 8 including against the Pack...it'll be close but i think the Packers win it

Predictions of the divisional round of the playoffs...Patriots VS Colts...heres and upset...the Patriots know how to win games...shit they've won 28 of the past 30 games...but the colts are too damn good with that offense...Colts win it...Steelers VS Chargers...the Chargers have been a huge surprise this year (unfortunately) but the Steelers know how to win...with a 15-1 record, you know they're damn good...they didn't even play several starts in week 17 and still beat the shit out of a good team...that says something...Steelers win it...Eagles VS Seahawks...Eagles are without their main WR, Terrell Owens, but they're still better than last year...Seahawks have a lot of potential but its no match for this kind of team...Eagles win it...Falcons VS Packers...this will be close but the Packers don't exactly have an outstand defense...between a decent defense, the number 1 rushing offense, and it being in Atlanta, i say the Falcons win it.

Predictions of the championships...AFC Championship: Steelers VS Colts...the number 1 defense VS the number 1 offense...theres only one problem here...the Colts have a very crappy defense, and that gets the best of them...Steelers win it...NFC Championship: Eagles VS Falcons...Eagles have lost 3 championships in a row and they're without TO...will that stop them? no...they have a great defense, and despite the loss at WR, they still have a lot of talent on offense...they'll contain QB Vick enough to pull out a close one.

Super Bowl: Steelers VS Eagles...i know, not a surprise pick here but hey, the NFC only has two elite teams, Eagles being one of them, and in the AFC, the Steelers know how to get it done with that number 1 defense...It'll be close, i guarentee it...and TO might even be able to play...its tough to call...two great defenses...two good offenses...it'll probably be one of the best Super Bowls...I'm gonna have to give the edge to the Steelers though...the Eagles didn't face too many really good teams in the regular season in the NFC and it won't take much for them to make it to the Super Bowl but between that, losing their last 2 games of the regular season, and TO just coming back from hurting his leg, it just isn't gonna happen for them...Steelers win it in a close one

I'll be waking up before noon, i know, wayyy too early...i have to go up to the glasses place and get my contacts...afterwards i'll be going to the college to pay for my classes and probably get books...i'll probably do a payment plan ($350 now, $175 in a month, $175 in two months)...i uhhh kinda spent a lot on ebay...damn ebay...but i'll figure something out to pay for some of this...i have probably around $900ish...i may sell stuff on ebay just to get out of working this semester lol...then i'll come home...i might, probably not, but might go with pete and ashley to the mall...depends on if i can use the car...then after tomorrow i don't have to worry about school until i go back in like two weeks

My Room
It gets amazingly hot in my room...i'm sure several things contribute to this but my god, its like a damn heater...i mean i have electronics on, i always have the door closed, the windows always closed, and sometimes i have the light on, plus how could anyone get use to this weather if you weren't born here?...so now my lights off, the windows open, the fan (which is almost always on) is on and i'm in shorts...its still hot in here...not to scare anyone but its been so hot in my room, that i've been sleeping naked...and yet, i wake up sweating some even then...don't worry, most times the very thin sheet will cover up that certain area...but thats just how hot it is in my room...in the summer, it gets damn hot...when, and this is rare, its actually pretty cold, my room is freezing...what the hell?

Shall i add more to this entry or call it quits?...Ah, all of you want me to keep going don't you?...Come on, you know you want me to...alright! you convinced me, i'll keep going!

Just that one word brings back lots of memories...all of my friends and I use to play it allll the time...there was this one game, Techmo Super Bowl, that we'd play most of the time...ah great game...i remember playing it in the basement with my brother, my dad getting pissed at the computer behind us...good times...my favorite games were Techmo Super Bowl, Mario Bros. 3 (i could never get passed the third world, damn thing), Punch-Out, this other football game, Life Force, and probably some i don't remember anymore...good stuff...i had like 30 games for it...i never had a SNES or Sega...my friends had those and we didn't exactly have the money for them so it was all good...good times there too...but yeah, i downloaded NES games on my computer and started playing them...man, being able to save a game on an NES game makes soooooo much of a difference

So i shall leave it at that and go now...i'm probably going to get one of those "livejournal" things and do way shorter entries...leave this one for the long entries...we'll see...talk to you people later

lol Kollin, it's okies if nobody likes your long entries, I do!! you're cute when you complain =o) wo0t *smacks ur sexi ass* I luv ya hun!!
» Ashley ( on 2005-01-06 08:16:43

thanks=) and I thought that entry was interesting cuz it had alot of details and stuff. I might copy the idea sometime if you don't mind. =)
» Manda103 on 2005-01-09 08:46:23



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