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Stupid subjects...cuz i'm bored
Sunday. 12.5.04 4:16 pm
Long entry the last time, huh?...i'll try to make this shorter...

Well the Broncos game is on...its a huge one...see the Broncos are 7-4 and they're playing the Chargers who are 8-3...both are in the same division...if the Broncos win, they'll be tied with the Chargers (well, actually they'd be ahead of them because they Broncos would have beat them twice this year) and if they lose well, they'll be two games behind the Chargers...see, you people really don't know how this affects me...when the Broncos lose, its devastating to me...oh yes, most of my week is ruined when the Broncos lose...so you can imagine how this would affect me if the Broncos lost...i even go further with how i take it...when they lose i think "shit, what did i do wrong!? was it because i watched? because i didn't watch!? should i have worn my Broncos shirt!? why!!!!! why did they have to lose!!?!?! what could i have done to make this a win!!?!?!?!"...really gets to me you know? lol...see i'm not watching the game because i think their record when i watch them, is quite bad...they only won once this year when i watched them...somethin like 1-3...so i'm not watching...i'm praying to the football gods for a miracle...and yes, GO BRONCOS!

So, what did i wake up to today?...christmas music...very loud...see the only way i like waking up is in peace and quiet and on my own...if i don't get that, i wake up pissed...i don't like waking up as it is but when i'm woken up by something, somebody needs to die because of it...and on Sunday's, i either get woken up by music or movies...i don't mind christmas music...but its just that i don't like hearing it for a whole damn month...christmas eve, fine...christmas day, fine...but for a whole month?...its like listening to one CD every day for a whole month...and when they start putting christmas music on before thanksgiving, oh man, i get pissed...we don't need to start that shit early!!!!...maybe just for a week, instead of a month...and when you go into like wal-mart or something, they always have christmas shit up early...drives me nuts too...its not that i don't like christmas cuz i do, people just get carried away...in my opinion, putting up christmas stuff and putting christmas music on shouldn't until, if you absolutely have to, december 1st...my opinion there

Ugh!!! Broncos are losing 14-7 and the Chargers have the ball!!!...i need my shirt...wheres my shirt!?!?!

So, plans for the day...lets see...well, i'll have to sit on my ass quite frequently throughout the day...can't go without a heavy dose of that...the real question is, what do i do while sitting on my ass quite frequently throughout the day?...well...study, movies, ps2, go online...thats pretty much what i've done for the last couple of months to be honest...i don't really mind though...i'm pretty good at being lazy...oh if only i could have a job doing just that...nothing

Wow...Packers are getting their ass's kicked by the Eagles 28-0...unfortunately i have the packers running back on my fantasy team...i've lost 6, not 5, not 2, 6!!!!!! fucking fantasy football games in a row...started off the season 5-1, lost ever since...bull shit...oh well...see thats okay, wanna know why? cuz i have a Fantasy Football Championship under my belt here...i should get a Championship ring here...yep, i kicked some ass last year...beat my brother in the Championship...i'm awesome...so i'm happy about that...would have been nice if things would have went well for me this year concerning that though...and as long as the Broncos make it to the playoffs, i'll be fine

What else can i say here...Eagles scored again...35-0...they're not even in the second half...sad...quite sad...i'm afraid to look at the score of the Broncos game

So my fan has four lights on it right...well one light went out, thats fine...then two went out at the same time...a little darker than i like but fine...then the fourth one went out...all of this happened within 2 weeks...we didn't have the right light bulbs so i put in these other ones with higher wattage...let me tell you, really fuckin bright when you turn on the lights in my room...so until i fix that, which since i'm lazy won't ever happen, i'm just gonna use the lamp in the corner for light...doesn't really matter...most of the time, i like it dark, and quiet...if i could, i'd stay up all night and sleep all day for the rest of my life...i try doing this sometimes but school interrupts at times...oh well

I'm just pushing off actually getting up here so i'm going on and on about things that really don't matter...so i had a zit on my face a little bit ago...i can handle normal zits...if it gets too obvious, pop it, move on...but this was no ordinary zit...it was big and painful...like, every time i moved my mouth, it hurt (it was located near my bottom lip)...popping something like that is just really painful too...i have stuff to put on my face when i do get zits so i put that stuff on...but for a few days there, pain in the ass...see i don't wanna pop it because what if by doing that, it causes more zits to appear?...so i didn't pop it, just put that stuff on it...its gone...but man i hate those kinda zits...at times, my face breaks out with zits, and at other times, my face is OK...drives me nuts sometimes...i'm 20, this shouldn't still be like this!!!...oh well

On to another boring subject...i need new contacts...well 1) because after this month, i don't have anymore and 2) because i can't see as good in my right eye as my left when the contacts are in...really gets to me...cuz i'll be sitting there several times a day closing my left eye and then closing my right eye to compare the two and hope that it'll be even...then i'll rub my right eye, see if that worked...it goes on and on throughout the day...issues with the contacts...see when i had glasses i didn't really have that issue...the issue with glasses was whether they were on straight or not...and the way i figured that out without looking in a mirror was see how they lined up compared to the bottom of my eyesight and the top of my eyesight...every once in a while i did this in class, make sure they were straight...kinda funny cuz in like 10th grade i was sitting in spanish class doing this and i couldn't get them straight...and you know, my eyes are like moving up and down, and i'm fixing them...and when i'm done i notice some girl across the room going "what!? what do you want!? why are you looking over here!?"...i wasn't paying any attention to her cuz i was messing with glasses but i guess it looked like i was looking over at her...kinda embarrassing lol...i was like looking behind me thinking "who is she talking to?"...so not really an improvement with the contacts concerning issues...hopefully i can fix that when i get new ones

Damnit...17-7 Chargers...come on Broncos...and the Chargers have the ball...son of a bitch...they're a good team, why are they fucking up like this!?!?!...well since its 5 pm and i haven't showered or put on any clothes besides the boxers and i have to pee, i guess i'll go...GO BRONCOS!

haha what did i tell you kollin, broncos suck! and they always will suck! Oh, and I do agree with you about the night time... it's much better and quieter than the day time... I would also rather be awake all night and sleep all day.
» Zig_Justice on 2004-12-11 08:54:08

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