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Meh i dunno
Thursday. 11.25.04 10:21 pm
okay...updating once again...listening to U2 - Unchained Melody...you know that song from Ghost? well its that song only this is the U2 version...i dunno why i'm listening to it...i like U2 though...i mean come on, the song With or Without you, gotta love it...they can get pretty weird though with their songs...good band though

Anyways...the past two days and for tomorrow i've had the house to myself...no thanksgiving dinner for me...nope, i ate hotdogs for thanksgiving...i had the worst headache today too...it started around 6am and just hasn't stopped...i took like 4 aleve to make it go away but it didn't get rid of it...it was horrible this morning...my head was just pounding...and it hasn't gone away fully yet...but yeah all i've done today was go online and watch TV

I watched some football today...the first game was a blowout...colts killed the lions...unfortunately things aren't looking good for my fantasy football team cuz the quarterback threw 3 touchdown passes to a guy thats on my opponents team...the second game dallas beat chicago...two teams i could give a shit less about...i also watched some MTV

I watched some of the Real World...i dunno why i watch that show, its horrible...what they do is find people who are in long term loving relationships, put them in a house and make sure that those people cheat on whoever they're with...its horrible...what an immoral show...its like a train wreck...its horrible but you can't stop looking at it

So i downloaded some oldies yesterday...i really like some oldies...i mean come on, theres some classics out there that are just really good..."Smoke Gets In Your Eyes", "Earth Angel" "Crimson and Clover" "Stand By Me" "Another Saturday Night"...classics

You know, if i actually had balls, i think i would try to be a singer...i can sing some songs pretty damn good...and you know, i could take lessons and all that...i could be decent...but i've only sung in front of one person, Lacey...that was really hard...so if i can barely do it in front of her, theres no way i can do it in front of strangers or more than one person

Bandit, my dog, has been extremely annoying today...she licks herself, chews on herself, scratches herself, makes whiney noises, and smells...all day...drives me insane

I'm kinda depressed at the moment about some things...nothing i haven't mentioned before but still...so i think i may cut this entry short...not that great of an entry but its cuz i'm depressed...maybe i'll add onto this or make another entry...i may make a private entry again...we'll see...talk to you people later

poor kollin, don't be depressed... that sucks about thnx giving tho, you shoulda said something... coulda came over and ate with us. Maybe you should be a singer? oh and btw: real world sucks, football sucks
» Zig_Justice on 2004-11-27 02:55:19



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