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Random Shtuff
Monday. 11.15.04 5:30 pm
Well the last one was password protected there...i wasn't going to make it that way but oh well...new entry...might be short, who knows

I bought the 311 - Greatest Hits CD the other day...pretty good...see 311 is the type of band where you just wait for the Greatest Hits CD cuz all of their other CDs only have like 1 or 2 good songs on it...another example of this is The Smashing Pumpkins...awesome Greatest Hits CD but their other CDs only have 1 or 2 good songs on it...thats probably one of the best Greatest Hits CDs ever...a lot of times when you pick up a greatest hits CD, you're like "well great of course but they're missing songs"...see with 311 and Smashing Pumpkins, you don't have to worry about that

I just watched a show called Motormouth on VH1...friends will have these guys put cameras in your car and then they'll record you singing and being a dumbass in your car...fortunately people haven't done this to me cuz i do sing in the car and do dumbass stuff in there lol...funny show though...they had some guy who listened to 80's rock on there and did like the air guitar stuff...some Indian girl like screaming the song...she like went through a drive thru like singing to the people...some guy singing boy band crap...this white guy rapping...quite entertaing since i have nothing to do

I woke up twice cuz i had to pee...the last time i just stayed up...come on!...twice!!!!...that normally doesn't happen...you would think after the first time it would stop and wouldn't happen again but noooo, had to pee twice...i dunno what was up with that either...right after i peed the first time, i felt like i had to pee again...i was just like "ugh, i just peed, we're not doing this again" and went back to sleep...thats the only thing that prevents me from sleeping 16+ hours...cuz for some odd reason, after i pee, i have a very hard time getting to sleep again...thats what pisses me off...lately, if i wake up in the middle of the night, i have a hard time getting back to sleep...it didn't use to be like this...i love my sleep...its quite an amazing thing for me...i use to be able to sleep forever...not lately...i actually to think before i sleep "man i hope i don't wake up for another 8 hours" cuz anything will wake me up...and now this peeing thing...screws me up

I do drink a fair amount of water at night but thats cuz i have heart burn 90% of the day...you know what i need to do?...i need to set a time where once i go past it, no more water...that way i won't wake up at like 10am, having to pee, and just stay up...why do i want to sleep so much? cuz i have absolutely nothing to do and i love sleep...that sounds like a plan...see, writing helps me figure these things out

On heartburn...i'm going to do several things on that...i need to eat better...this is starting to be a serious issue...well actually, its been a serious issue for at least 4 years now...i use to take tums and maalox like they were candy...at night, oh man, at least 6 of them...it was horrible...two words for yuh "baking soda"...seriously...put baking soda in some water and drink it, its instant and it lasts...and supposedly helps in other areas too...i take this every night...most nights i just have to take it once, every now and then twice (like on the nights i eat pizza lol)...but now, its like i have to take the baking soda at least 3 times a day...its horrible...i woke up today without eating anything, i drank water...WATER...and i got heart burn...the acid in my system is way too high...so i'm gonna try eating better...even on friday and saturday nights...i'm gonna avoid eating pizza...i'm gonna avoid eating spicey foods...no more taco bell...it just hurts too much...sometime in january i'm gonna make an appointment and get x-rays and all kinds of checkups to see if maybe i have ulcers or serious damage to like my esophogus (sp?) and other things...it just hurts too much i can't stand it...i mean pizza and all these foods taste great but afterwards it just hurts for too long...so i have to lower the intake on those foods and make an appointment as soon as i can

So, onto college stuff...i signed up for classes in the spring...heres what the schedule looks like:

ITSC 1401 - MW - 9am to 11:15am (Intro to Computers)
ACCT 2401 - MW - 12pm to 2:25pm (Prin. of Accounting I)
HIST 1302 - TTh - 10am to 11:20am (US History II)
ECON 2301 - TTh - 11:30am to 12:50pm (Macro-Economics)
GOVT 2301 - TTh - 1pm to 2:20pm (American Government I)

Gonna be a rough semester but i think i can handle it...in the past, i've had horrible study habbits and done my homework at the very last minute...considering i have nothing else to do, i'm gonna go back to my ways (kinda) in high school...see i use to do ALL of my homework and do it on time...sometimes even right after class...i need to start doing that...and i use to study more...i need to do that too...i figure i talk to people less now anyways and i hate thinking "oh man, i hope i'm doing okay in this class"...i like feeling good about my classes...so i'm just gonna do my best to put academics before anything else...i'll take my breaks but i'll certainly make academics my priority

Kinda surprised at the classes i picked? well theres a reason...see i started becoming unsure of my major mostly because i was just thinking "meh, i'm just gonna end up in the same place and it really doesn't matter"...well my dad came to me and talked to me about something...he wants to start his own business but he also wants my brother and i to be partners in it...like all three of us owning it...which actually sounds like a very good idea...construction company of course (home building)...well my dad knows practically every area of it, my brothers an engineer and here i am...well i could get a business degree focussing on financing or marketing and that would be a major side of it...doesn't sound like a bad idea...that is a major part of it all...so my dad figures i'll go do that, my brothers an engineer and well my dad knows a lot about it...put all three of us together, that could bring success!...i think hes right...so most likely, my brother will get out of the army in like a year or so...afterwards he'll go work for an engineering company to get experience...i'll of course graduate in like 2 or 3 years-ish...maybe work for a company to get experience myself...so like 2-4 years from now all three of us will start this up...well, and theres stuff we can do inbetween there to get this ready...pretty good basic plan there and i like it...gives me motivation too...even if my brother doesn't go for it, my dads gonna start his company one way or another and i like the idea of being apart of it...so i'm gonna do that...he wants to make a successful company and eventually leave it to my brother and i

Lets just picture for this for a moment, putting aside the negatives...potentially in say 3 years, i could be part owner of a company...my dad said something like split three ways that way in order to make a decision, 2 out of 3 of us have to agree on it...sounds good to me...along with my degree and experience before doing all of that, while doing this, i'll gain experience in many other areas too concerning construction and engineering etc...i dunno, sounds pretty nice to me and knowing my dad and my brother who are very intelligent on these things, it could most certainly work...to be honest, i don't think i'm that smart on most things...a lot of things go in one ear and out the other with me...but if i work hard, gain experience, i think i could make it

With those 5 classes, i'm kinda worried about money (ugh damn ebay!!!!)...i have about $700 right now (i had about $850 as of like two weeks ago, damn ebay!!!)...but i'm selling things on ebay...if all of my items sell, i could get $300ish out of them...pushing me up to $1000...plus i need to sell my books back...so i think i'm gonna make it...i'm gonna do a payment plan though just in case...plus theres Christmas (damn this holiday!!!!!)...but i think i'll make it...ebay is on my side for Christmas...thats right, cheaper prices on nice things!...so i'm gonna make it...i think

Ever played Rollercoaster Tycoon 2? I mean you would think, meh not that great of a game, why play it BUT it actually is quite entertaining...i installed it today but haven't played it yet...fun game...i bought that game a while ago and really haven't played it that much...probably because i played the first one way too many times...so after this entry, i'm gonna go play it for a while...listen to my music too

Speaking of which, you should check out Shadows Fall...pretty good band...listen to this...i bough their CD for $8 at Best Buy...it included a DVD and a sampler CD...$8!!!!!!!...gotta love good prices...things like this make me very happy...i can go further with this...when i worked at Wendys, i use to get a 50% discount...their dollar menu is awesome...picture this...three double burgers for $1.60...$1.60!!!!!!!!!...god that is just awesome...yeah i know, i'm very cheap...i love coupons too...its quite sad sometimes...but yeah, good band

So...thought this was gonna be short?...oh well, once i get going, its hard to stop me...i shall make another entry soon!

Kollin you are an updating MACHINE. Its amazing!

And you should definatly go the doctor, you might have Acid Reflex or something! I understand what you mean about your diet lol...you've witnessed me mow through Taco Bell...and I was thinking about doing it again today lol. Your peeing problem is insane...or more so your sleeping problem...you do not need 16+ hours of sleep you psycho! I'm gonna start calling you all the time Kollin. No way you need that much sleep - I'm lucky if I even get seven! Well thats my own fault...cause I get online and eat in the middle of the night....but seriously sixteen hours?!!? You're a mad man!

Also, way to go with the small bussiness stuff. That sounds awesome. Aspiriations are nice things to have indeed. Way to go with the updating...sleep less...and go to a doctor!
» AshleyEverhart on 2004-11-16 07:21:48

at last i have kollin's colelge scheduel... mwahaha... let the stalking begin
» Zig_Justice on 2004-11-21 08:52:28



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