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Long Entry about all kinds of stuff
Friday. 11.5.04 6:04 pm
Well i slept most of the day away...i woke up to my phone ringing...didn't answer it...didn't feel like talking to the person who called...but even though i got 8 hours of sleep, i'm extremely tired and groggy...so now i'm talkin with some people, drinking water, looking stuff up

i think i'll get chicken for dinner tonight...popeyes chicken...good stuff...i love the beans & rice and the biscuits...well, its all good really

i bought AFI's new CD yesterday...pretty good CD

i wanna go back to sleep...to be honest, i wish i could just sleep my life away...i could do it too if i had the chance...every now and then just wake up to pee and grab a bite to eat, pass out again...when my parents leave during thanksgiving, oh man...nobodys really gonna be around, online or offline...my plans are to get a shit load of sleep

I think i'm starting to wake up a little...of course its 6 pm but still...this is actually a good thing because i'll have to drive to get food...i'm not as aware when i'm groggy and tired

i wrote this long over-a-page entry last night but decided to delete it...it was gonna be a "private entry" anyways...i have a lot of thoughts about things and people, that i want to get out...i've done it several times before...write a long entry and then just delete it...theres really no point because no ones gonna see it and i'm not gonna let anyone see it...i guess cuz i don't feel like sharing my thoughts on those things...though i do have a lot of thoughts on people and whats goin on in my life right now...and if i tell people these things, i dunno...i know the answers to my problems, i'm just too lazy or something to actually fix them...with people, i dunno...i know the answers there too but for some reason i don't want to try and fix that...its like i'd rather sit here and do nothing and be miserable than do something about these things just cuz its easier that way...but there are some things that i have absolutely no choice but to fix...i'm sure you people are like "wtf is he talkin about?" but i'm just thinking out loud without being detailed...I just don't want to come across as being mean, or pathetic, or stupid or something

I get depressed easily and i think way too much...i worry about so many things...its actually hard not to worry about anything...most times i wish i could just not give a shit about anything...not care about anyone...not care about myself...not care about what other people think...but unfortunately i can't be like that...makes things hard on me

Its just a down day for me...i have my better days and my shittier days...this is a shittier day...on good days i'm actually positive about some things...on days like this, i'm negative about everything

On a lighter note, i may write in here more often...especially since i have more time on my hands and well, depression creeps up on me more often when i don't have much to do and i feel i need write something

The election and stuff was good...i voted and everything...i'm a Republican and i voted for Bush...of course, all of my friends are democrats and wanted Kerry to win...but Bush won and the Republicans are the majority in the House and Senate so this is a good thing...i won't go into detail about why i support Bush and not Kerry...theres no point, you're all fuckin democrats...some day you jackass's will look back and realize how good this president truly is and what he did for our nation

I dunno what else to write...maybe i'll write another entry tonight or something...its a possibility...though i sure have made this one long...maybe i'll actually write a private entry and make it official instead of just deleting it...could be good for me...we'll see...talk to you people later i spose

yeah i always right stuff down that i don't share with people, when I'm depressed. It's a good way to just get it out of your system. As for Bush... Kerry was a much better choice... although... niether one was a good choice. Hope you do decide to update more often.
» Zig_Justice on 2004-11-05 08:00:06

i will never be ashamed that i believe in true freedom and not a make beleive god =)
we'll see in ten years how bush is seen as president and what he has or has not done for this nation. anyway...i know what you mean about worrying too much, i used to worry so much about every single thing...once i thought i was going to die because i had spilled this fragrant make the room smell better stuff on my hands and i didn't think i had washed it off good enough...but yea i was like ten so i should have known better that washing it off gets everything off but i still worried about it for like two days thinking that i was going to drop dead or something. and you know you should write down your thoughts about people and things and post it, who cares if you sound mean or pathetic or what not? we're your friends we'll accept you and help you through whatever you're going through, unless these mean and pathetic thoughts are about us...in which case...you're an ass =)
» lenas_life on 2004-11-05 10:59:38



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