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Saturday. 5.15.04 7:42 pm
Yeah i dunno whats up with the subject. Went a little nuts there. Well, the girlfriend is off watching a movie which leaves me with nothing to do. I don't feel like going with my parents to a movie and out to eat so i'll just be here for a little while, doing nothing. i'd watch a movie myself but i dunno, not really in the mood for it i guess. I also have to decide on what i'm going to eat. I'm kind of tired of fast food. All i have here is macceroni and cheese. I could go to like Black Eyed Pea and have food to go. I'd have to drive all the way up there though. I dunno if i'm willing to do that just for chicken tenders. Most likely i'll settle for a burger and fries. Its not that i don't want to go with my parents to the movies and out to eat because it would be 'uncool', its just that, they really get to me. I really can't stand them lol. All my mom does anymore is bitch and complain. Thats all she has to say to me. Complaints and bitching. I really don't feel like hearing it. Or she'll talk about something like work, or whats on the news. Which is fine, but i hear it WAYYYY too often. My dad really doesn't have much to say. But he says many stupid things that just get repeated every single weekend. They're in a routine. I'm just tired of it. I'm tired of a lot of things to tell the truth. I'm tired of my parents, i'm tired of school, i'm tired of living here, i'm tired of my room, i'm tired of being in so many routines. Not that i like change, i don't, but its starting to get to me and i just may need a change. Michelle, my girlfriend, was a big change for me. A very good change. And everything seems perfect when i'm talking to her. I love nothing more than to talk to her. But when i'm not talking to her, everything is dull, everything is boring, and i just can't stand it anymore. I really need to move out. I just can't stand being around my parents. They really annoy me. Same with my animals. Especially the dogs. Bandit is the most annoying dog in the whole entire world. I swear to god, if i could get away with giving her away to someone, i would so do it. Klondyke is just a little asshole. He always has an attitude problem and when he barks, which is so often, its sooo loud. Especially at 6:30 am, i just feel like going outside and duct taping the damn dog to the door. Maybe then he'll learn not to fucking bark at 6:30 am when people want to sleep. My dog klancey is actually pretty cool. Hes a lot like me. He loves sleep, hes very shy, he loves food, and you can tell that hes very sarcastic. Hes a little pushy but probably the least annoying of the bunch. My cat Snowplow though. Man, he use to be so great. Now hes a major pain in the ass. I started to let him into my room a little bit and now he feels that this should be a normal every day kind of thing. The little shithead whines and moans and scratches at the door if i don't let him in. If only i could put an electrical fence around my door. Ugh, speaking of which. The second my door is opened, all of the animals want in. Its because this is the only part of the house they can't go into. Klondyke will goes nuts and start being extremely nosy and won't listen when i tell him to get out. Bandits even worse (of course, cuz shes a little annoying bitch). She digs through my trash, spreads all over the floor. She jumps on my bed or rubs against it and gets her stench all over it. Very nosy too. Klancey isnt too bad. He just kinda makes sure i'm in there and maybe lays down for a bit. Snowplow gets hair ALLLLL over my bed, he messes with things in my room, he scratches to get in and out of my room. Very annoying......Wonder where i should go to get food. I could get a couple tacos...maybe a burger from from WhatABurger...some onion rings from burger king...salad from wendys...that would be a good combination. Many times i have gone to 2 or 3 different fast food places just so i can get a good combination of food. Think about it. Wendys has awesome salads. They really do, which i know, cuz i worked there. Whataburger has great burgers, though very expensive for some reason. They put those diced up onions on their burgers and everything. Its great. I like onion rings, and burger king is the only one that does them right, plus they have they Zesty Sauce. I've always loved Taco Bell (Michelle: But they have grade F meat!!) lol. I haven't died from eating food at Taco Bell, nor have i gotten sick from there before so that means its okay. Hmm tacos and a burger...that sounds like a good plan. Like four or five hard shelled tacos and a double burger. Quote: "Chuck i had a double burgerrrr!!" "Here! Theres your fucking double burger" - Good Will Hunting. Good movie by the way. I actually bought it with my own money, which is saying a lot because i'm cheap. I could have got it for less if i had known so much about Ebay then as i do now =*(. Well, its about 7:25. The girlfriend should be calling me in about an hour and a half or so. I'll go pick up the food, eat it, and be bored. Sounds like a plan! Two days in a row Pete! Happy asshole? lol. Until next time kids!

why don't you go find something to do instead of just sitting there being bored and complaining about it. take a walk, volunteer somewhere, get a job, learn to cook, do something.
» lenas_life on 2004-05-16 03:59:16

hahahhaha your cat's name is Snowplow.... LOL
» Zig_Justice on 2004-05-16 04:52:08

Yeah Kollin!!!! Quit being lazy!!! don't just sit there!!! update your nutang!!!!
» Zig_Justice on 2004-05-17 06:20:57

hey kollin. this is ed [yes, from teen rave]. i just realized you joined nutang. i hope you enjoy it, i put a lot of work into the site. lat0r.
» le_battement on 2004-05-20 05:19:30

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